Friday, May 09, 2008

"Look out, McGriddle, here comes the Doughnut Ham Hamburger!" -Jim Gaffigan*

I love shoes. Like, a lot.

Which is odd because, if at all socially acceptable, I would live my entire life barefoot!

Recently I cut my coworker's hair, and for payment she bought me a new pair of shoes. She let me pick them out and HELLO! I do not know how I've gone so long with out them.
Dear grey patent leather peep-toe pumps,

Welcome to my life.


No, really. Perfect with black trousers. Perfect with dark wash jeans. Perfect toned-down color for vivid outfits. (Red dress and grey heels...I KNOW, RIGHT?!)

This weekend I've made a goal to organize my shoes. A lot of them are in the trunk of my car, haha. I change shoes often throughout the day. Starting out in flip flops from the house to the car, throwing on flats for work, and then my big ol' ugly Crocs knock offs for school.

Last fall I noticed that Wal-Mart had marked down my favorite squishy flip flops to 50 cents. I bought them out of size 11/12. I haven't really worn flip flops out in a while because I can't wear them at work nor school, and I have such little down time.

* this quote has nothing to do with shoes, obviously. But I am listening to Jim Gaffigan's "Beyond The Pale", and laughing my head off.

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Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

Oh, he's definitely going to Hell!