Friday, May 09, 2008

Just got paid/it's Friday night/party hoppin'/feeling right

I've done the math...
Within a week I should have $1,272.98 deposited into my bank account.


This is not a lot of money to, well, anyone else. But I've been living in the red for two weeks. (well, two years, really.) And I'm thrilled to not have to stress out about how I'm going to get any gas to get to school this week. I've been relying on tips at the salon to get gas, which are so measly and sporadic that it's difficult.

Plus I have to register my car this week. And I should probably get some food that isn't dry cereal or Spaghettios, before I have The Second Famine of '08. And I still have to figure out whether or not to fly to SLC in 1.5 weeks, or change my flight to 4th of July weekend. (Elizabeth promised she'd go to the Indiana Jones midnight showing with me if I stayed...and she wouldn't fall asleep. Hahahaha, quite a promise.)

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