Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Adventure of Paul on the Floor

I went on an adventure yesterday. The aptly titled "The Adventure to the Police Station." Where I met My Policeman Boyfriend, also known as Officer Yes, Please!

I now have a police report that I have to keep in George's glove compartment in case I get pulled over (in lieu of rushing to get a new driver's license.) Officer Yes, Please! says that unless the cop is a ........ (he couldn't come up with a word) he will let me off with no problems; but if the cop is a ............. (I offered jerk? he agreed) and does give me a ticket then any judge will throw it out.

So that's a relief. My hair is far too gold right now for me to get a new drivers license picture. And yeah, I'm actually serious. I really liked my long dark hair in my picture. :(


Meridith said...

Oh, I love that movie! haha It took me a few hours to get the quote, but.... :) You're the coolest.

CC said...

has no one looked in the wash basin?