Friday, May 09, 2008

Clarke: so have you crossed any black cats today
Clarke: broken any mirrors?
Clarke: or walked under any ladders?
Susie: I did run over an old that a bad omen?
Clarke: WHAT!?? you did?
Susie: hahahaha
Susie: Only kidding, Clarkee, only kidding.
Clarke: wow....
Clarke: that would have been a bad way to start off the summer
Susie: Indeed! I thought after identity theft and head-on collisions, manslaughter was the only wait to up the ante
Clarke: that or DUI
Susie: Hmmmm... now I know what I'm doing this weekend!
Clarke: what's that?
Susie: Drive under the influence of diet coke.
Clarke: LOL
Clarke: that might make you a better driver
Susie: True...if I'm drinking I can't do my eyeliner or change my clothes while on the freeway. Nah, I'd probably find a way. I may spill a bit.
Clarke: 8-)

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Meridith said...

Oh, gosh, Susie. Scary thing is, I wouldn't put it past you.