Sunday, February 17, 2008

"I think that's healthy."

I have a very addictive and obsessive personality. I kind of bop around from obsession to obsession, some lasting longer than others. I've gone through some funky obsessions lately (*cough*Spam*cough*), but the tame ones seem to have the most staying power.

Bungee chord ponytail holders
I mean, really, have you ever used one?! These do not slip, they do not stretch out. And they are cute, and the cuteness factor ranks high with me.

Craig Ferguson
Maybe it's the Scottish accent. Maybe it's the "Welcome back, my naughty little monkeys!" All I know is that I am constantly quoting this guy to Tashina on our nightly IMs, and am planning to stalk him next time he plays Vegas. He may also replace the Ace of Cakes guys to be my new desktop picture.

My DVD collection
I could totally be best friends with me. I love all my favorite movies. For the past few weeks I've been playing a movie as I do things around the house. I fall asleep to a movie. So I've been going through my entire collection; which is saying something, as I have 100+ movies. And I am remembering movies that I'd forgotten how good they are. Downside: I now think in quotes even more than usual.

Blogs of everyone I've ever known, or their relatives
I'm almost convinced I'm best friends with people I've never met, as they are the cousin of someone I once had a class with. Seriously. I am following the lives of about 25 people, and I'm loving it. I'm just glad none of these people live in Las Vegas, because I'd be all sorts of awkward if I ever ran into one of them.

Working out
I only have three and a half months until I go on the cruise to the Mexican Riviera. I have gotten back into working out. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoy it! (Masochist.) I have more energy than I know what to do with. And I've lost a few of the pounds I'd put on over the holidays! So that's lovely.
However, sometimes I am an idiot. I have an inhaler, but don't always remember to use it. Duh. The other day I only made it about fifteen minutes in when suddenly my chest went tight and my respiratory tract attempted to close shop early. It took nearly a half hour to be able to pull in a full breath without feeling like I was breathing through a drinking straw. Lovely.

Carol Burnett
I've always loved her, but I seem to keep her on repeat a lot lately. I created an entire iTunes playlist dedicated to her, haha. "Wouldn't you like to see the bedroom, my little billiard ball?" "You ever been to Buenos Aires?/I hunger for the Argetine/Lets me and you fill up our diaries/buy me a ruby/why shouldn't you be mine?" Hahaha! "I'm an ordinary woman with feelings/I'd like a man to nibble on my ear/but I'll admit no man has bit/so how come I'm the mother of the year?"

Curly hair
I'm usually a down and straight-ish or up in a ponytail type of gal. Its so much easier and, frankly, I'm lazy. However, I have been keeping my hair curled a lot lately. And I seem to feel more confident as a stylist when I don't look homeless.

Chopped spinach
Ok, so I have not had money for quite some time. Therefore, I have not bought groceries since, oh, October. However, I have a bag of frozen chopped spinach. So I've added spinach to almost everything. Elizabeth gave me some potatoes the other day, so yesterday I boiled one then sliced it up into a wok with chopped spinach and (powdered) milk. The potatoes released starches to thicken up the milk and it actually worked out well.
I almost added the chopped spinach to my fruit (uh, frozen fruit and water blended together...kind of a sorbet), but decided that was taking it a bit too far, haha

Ace of Cakes
I could honestly watch this show for hours and not get bored in the least bit. Plus, I enjoy Duff and Geof. And I'm constantly convinced I can make cakes like them.

A CSI/Crime Scene birthday party
I am not allowed to throw myself a birthday party. Ever. Again. I know, right? My sisters have forbade me, because I spend way too much money (that I can't afford anyway) and hardly anyone ever shows up. Which is not really my problem, now is it?! If those invited would just do the courteous thing and drive the 6 hours from No. Utah to my party, then I would not have the attendance issue. I rest my case.
But I really want to throw a Crime Scene party. This sounds like so much fun. It all started while I was watching Ace of Cakes and saw a fingerprint cake. Yes, a FINGERPRINT cake. And thus the idea was born. So I have lists written out, sketches, etc. So now I just need someone who wants a party for themselves, and someone who wants to pay me to throw them a party. TA-DA! Come on, chalk body outline, fruit punch with floating plastic body parts, crime scene do not enter tape, etc. Yeah, it sounds like fun to me, too.

Project Runway
That's fierce. (My money is on Christian ...or it would be, if I had any.)

Judge Alex
Besides being really attractive, Judge Alex is usually pretty interesting to watch. The other court shows are just a bit too much for me.

Sloane Tanen
How can you not love a book entitled "Bitter with Baggage seeks Same"? I've loved these pictures of chicks in funny situations with hilarious captions for quite some time. But I recently came upon a collection of them I'd ripped from magazines. Hysterical, I tell you.

The caption reads: "At $150.00 a session, Amy didn't want to talk about her intimacy issues. She wanted to know what Dr. Arlow thought of her new shoes, if he liked the bangs and if he too looked forward to their weekly sessions with a gnawing anticipation?"

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