Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eetz Creh-tsee!

Nadia: "Have you drove to Henderson?"
Susannah: "Yeah, I've been to Henderson a few times."
Nadia: "You seen the old guys?"
Susannah: "Haha, what the?"
Nadia: "The old guys in their, how you say it?, comfor-tables? driving SO FAST, Susannah, it's CRAZY!"
(with a thick Mexican accent, so it comes out 'Tso fast, tSus-tsannah, eetz creh-tsee')
Susannah: "Hahaha."
Nadia: "Seriously.  You see the sirs and ma'ams and it's like WHOA."
Susannah: "Hahahaha."
Nadia: "Playing their oldies music, from the 80's."
Susannah: "The 80's?"
Nadia: "Or the 90's.  The 90's is oldie music to me.  But they are probably playing the 60's."
Susannah: "Hahahahahaha!"
Nadia: "Oh ****, you laughing at me?"
Susannah: "No, I'm just laughing...with you."
Steve: "Oh girl, I love how you only button up one button on your smock.  It's hot."
Susannah: "Hahaha, oh my."
Steve: "Seriously, girl.  It's like a picture frame for your chest.  Framed all perfectly."
Susannah: "Hahahahaha.  Let's be honest, Steve, this is why I only button up one: (attempts to fasten the buttons across the hips, they don't quite reach)  So it's really because I don't have much of a choice, hahaha."
Steve: "Whatever, it's hot.  Because you've got a great chest, is it real?"
Susannah: "Of course.  Sheesh.  Oh heavens."
Steve: "Hey now, you've got it and not many do.  And you've got the booty, too.  I bet a lot of black men hit on you, don't they?"
Susannah: "Haha, no.  Mostly creepy old white guys."
Steve: "Really?  No way, girl.  You're hot, you rock it."
Susannah: "You can only get away with this conversation because you're gay."
Steve: "I'm like a girlfriend."

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