Saturday, February 16, 2008

"She's like Darth Vader in a skirt."

Yesterday I came up with the genius plan to walk to Elizabeth's house. I told Caroline and she said, "We can come get you if you want." I told her that I was doing it for excercise, and I'd see her when I got there. She paused, I could almost hear her thinking how much of an idiot her aunt is, then she said, 'Ok...but remember, we can come get you if you change your mind." Hahaha.

I had my phone and iPod nano, RuPaul, shoved down my shirt; and my house keys and other iPod in my jacket pockets.

I made it 2.2 miles when Elizabeth picked me up, afraid I'd get abducted, haha. I guess the "I'm the naughty sister" shirt wasn't the best choice for wandering the city alone.

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