Thursday, February 07, 2008

Don't you cry for me, Argentina

Kim: "Susannah, how tall are you?!"
Sus: "5'10" barefoot."
:: silence ::
Sus: "6'2" in these shoes."
:: silence ::
Sus: "Somewhat monstrous."
Kim: "Yeah, I'd say so."

Nadia: "My friend is having a boy and she was trying to pick a name that starts with A. She wrote Aidan, and I really liked it. I thought to myself, 'Why do I like this name so much?' and then I saw: A-I-D-A-N ... N-A-D-I-A. I liked it because it is my name!"

Nadia: "Do not cry, Susannah."
Susie: "I'm not crying!!! YOU ARE HURTING ME!"
Nadia: "Cry baby."
Susie: "I'm not crying! I am allowed to be in pain when you are ripping my skin off."
Nadia: "This do not hurt. When I wax my arms it do not hurt."
Susie: "Yeah, but remember when you wax my legs it DOES hurt?! I'm not even wimpering. I'm just wincing."
Nadia: "Don't you cry for me, Argentina."
Susie: "Hahaha, not the song I usually get sung, but OK."

One of the stylists has a freakishly communicable cold sore on her nose. Yeah, random. Another stylist has a staph infection on her upper lip. They were both sent home for two weeks. So everyone in the salon is in Freak Out mode. I had to thumb through my magazine while WEARING GLOVES. I kid you not.

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