Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Colin Farrell consistently writes poetry. Hmmm. You learn something new everyday.
I have a bit of difficulty taking Irish accents seriously. They just kind of make me chuckle. But then again, I have a total Utahn accent, so I'm sure I'm making someone else chuckle.


TDawgYo said...

Yeah. Like me.

Susannah said...

Ah, interesting that the CANADIAN, with the funniest accent of all, pipes up!

Tell me again how you like to go oat?


TDawgYo said...

Hah! I knew you'd bring up my Canadianessity.

And yoo know, I like to oat and aboat. Have a reel good time drinking root beer and what not, carrying my bag. It's teh awesome. :p