Friday, December 14, 2007

He's just your run-of-the-mill dragon, you know.

(I have had Stan Freberg's "St George and the Dragonet" stuck in my head for days, how appropriate.)

Yesterday ZackyZack invited me to go to a Pyrotechnic Party, haha. Basically his brother and friends were lighting things, and themselves, on fire.

My love of being in a group of people I don't know is right up there with root canals. But it went OK. Zacky introduced me to people as: "This is My Susie Q, also known as Susannah The Coolest Chica Evah." I responded, "Well, thats my full title, it's on my card."
Then Zack brought some short guy over to introduce to me, then told us we needed to "fall deeply deeply in love and have lots of babies." Gee, Zack is good with that whole not being awkward thing.

True to form Ryan called while I was with Zack (hahahahahaaahahaa) so he came over, too.

It was terrible. He breathed fire on me! He burned me already!

Three-way fire breathing

It was interesting. Pretty dang funny, actually. Right up until they lit the huge box of fireworks...real shoot-into-the-sky blooming fireworks. It sounded like a gun being shot and the neighbors lights all turned on...Oops. I pretty much decided to leave right about then.

So Zacky Zack, Ryan, and I went in the basement and watched Ringu (the Japanese version of The Ring); where Zack and his brother took great delight in freaking me right the heck out.

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