Thursday, December 13, 2007

I was just nearly arrested, how was your evening?

When the red & blue lights began flashing I thought, "You are freaking kidding me."

I am not a stranger to getting pulled over, unfortunately. Ryan loves to mock me for the time I was pulled over in Springville, Utah, and told the officer "I'm not from around here." (It's twenty mintues away with traffic.)

But I knew for certain I was not speeding. I had just barely turned the corner! So I was all sorts of annoyed when the officer shined the blinding beam into my car and walked up to my window. He asked for my license, registration, and proof of insurance, which I was expecting, but then he threw me for a loop when he accusingly asked if knew my car's registration was suspended. WHAT THE?! And he said that therefore he was taking them (and me) in.

Uhhh, uhhhh?!

I had an inkling as to what went wrong, and I told him everything. How I switched banks so my auto-withdrawal was going to be denied, and how I called and emailed the insurance company to let them know and asked how to switch the information. I told him about how I ended up talking with the woman who had called me back initially and how she said it was her fault for not getting the information across and how she'd get everything fixed and would call me back. I told him about how I got the insurance cancelation notice the same day I got her voicemail telling me that everything was fine and the new bank information was in and how they were going to just do an auto-withdrawal for two months combined, and everything was peachy. And I showed him the cancelation notice.

He wrote up the charges and explained to me that he was not going to arrest me (THANK HEAVENS), and he told me every step I need to take to get my two misdemeanors wiped clean.

And then I started crying. Hard.

The officer was really nice, once he decided not to arrest me. He asked if I would be okay, and asked how far I still had to drive, and told me to go ahead and take a minute to just sit there at the side of the road...turn on the car, get warm.

He walked back to his patrol car and turned off the blinding beam. Then the tears turned into ugly cry weeping. Relief and frustration.

I thought I had done so well with the insurance thing. I thought I had everything taken car of. I thought FOR ONCE I did well. I was proud. I didn't have to run to my big sister, and she didn't have to prod me to get anything done. I just did it. I drove down there, I wrote the emails, I made the phone calls, I pled my case. And I thought everything turned out so well.

Apparently not.

Now I am drained. Mascara-streaked, puffy-eyed, and so very emotionally drained.

And I have to find a ride everywhere I go now...


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Ah man, that stinks! I'm sorry! I'm really glad you didn't get arrested though!!! But still, I hope that everything gets cleared up REALLY soon!!!


TDawgYo said...

Aw my sweet Susie Q. I hope your day today has been better and I hope everything gets resolved quickly.

Susannah said...

Thanks, you two are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I can relate. I recently received a certified letter in the mail threatening to revoke my registration if I didn't respond within ten days. Like eight months ago we had gone through the whole switch insurance company thing. Needless to say, I never got pulled over but the state did threaten to pull my registration. So, I understand how you feel about thinking you have taken care of everything, but not really.