Thursday, July 12, 2007

She's 26!

Happy birthday, Deborah!

While growing up Deborah was probably my closest sibling. Meridith was often too little, so Deb and I played together all the time. I've loved having Deborah's and my birthday only two weeks apart. When we were younger it was like a party the entire month of July.
I don't really have one favorite memory of Deborah because I've had 20+ years of great times with her. But I loved the Saturday mornings when she, Meridith, and I all laid on Deborah's bed and told stories and laughed until we were crying. I also loved our trip to Germany and Austria! Sharing a hotel room with Deborah (and Meridith) for two weeks is hilarious. I also loved the Saturday when Deb and I went shopping and out to lunch, then she suggested we go to a movie and picked Mystery Men, despite bad press on it. It was so such a fun day. ...Obviously her boyfriend [now hubby], Aaron, was on his mission at the time, haha.

Deborah, Meridith, Susannah and Photobooth!


Meridith said...

I like how you cut me out of one picture but made sure to include the picture where my teeth are each three feet tall.

Susannah said...

Hahaha, I thought you might mention that. It was just a file I had already from that one time a guy who went to high school with Deb IMed me and tried to hit on me until I was like, I know exactly who you are! and it was hilarious. bwa ha ha.