Saturday, July 14, 2007

"I'm with the band."

I love this. I totally love this.

As I was preparing to move to Las Vegas people told me to expect friends to come out of the woodwork and ask to stay with you. I never saw any of this. BLECH! I want people to come down here! Dang it, use me for my resources!

Tuesday night I got a text from Ryan telling me that Kevin would be in Vegas all night (riding Greyhound from LA to SLC), and he'd love to hang out, hahaha. Now this was obviously very odd to me because in the six years that I've known Kevin I think we've spoken a sentence or two. I didn't want to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter alone (haven't I done that enough?) and he always seemed like a nice guy, so I decided that yeah, I'd hang out with him knowing full well they asked me just because I was the only person to ask, hahaha, because he needed a ride from the bus station.
When Kevin got in the car I asked, "So how did I come up?" He asked what I meant and I said, "I mean, I know we've always been the best of friends, but..." He laughed. I asked, "So am I just a glorified cab driver?" He basically said yes. Who cares? Not me.
So Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I hung out with Kevin at the Harry Potter midnight showing. (Loved the movie, by the way. Ron is rawr, Sirius is rawr {I [heart] Gary Oldman} and the fight scene was awesome.)
He fell asleep on my couch and I fell asleep on my keyboard, hahaha.

Then today Side Dish had a show down at Jillian's and Ryan put me on the guest list (rock the freak on.) They played while I was at work, but I went down there anyway. The security guys almost didnt let me in, even though I was on the list. I said, "Uh...I'm with the band." hahaha, because I love to say that. Finally I told the guys that I was the band members ride, hahaha. I caught the last three songs of the last band, which was cool.
They didn't have a hotel room (and why would they? gosh. just ask me!) so Ryan, Kevin, Erik and Amanda (Eriks wife and one of my besty friends) are all crashing at my house! YAY.

I love playing hostess. I made Rice Krispie treats.

No, really, I am so bored all the time. I am home alone all dang day. But at this very moment I have FOUR FRIENDS a few feet away from my bedroom door. Oh so fun! (also a reason I love to have Caroline sleep over.)

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