Saturday, May 12, 2007

Embarrassing Condensation Situation

Susannah: "Yesterday a strange guy called me 'Motha effing hot, and you know it!'"
Elizabeth: "Don't blog that."
Justina: "Are you a Mormon?"
Susannah: "Yeah."
Justina: "...Oh..."
Susannah: "Haha, do you have a problem with that?"
Justina: "I'm pretty racist toward Mormons."
Susannah: "Hmmmmm...good thing it's not a race then, eh?"
Susannah: "...then when Grissom was spooning her I was like, 'Ok, I'm done with this. That's just not Grissom.'"
Susannah: "I get off at 9:30, so I'll be there just after 10 or so. Will you still be up?"
Elizabeth: "Yeah. I was still up when you got here yesterday. I did pretty well staying awake while we watched CSI. ...Did we watch CSI?
Susannah: "Hahahaha!"
Elizabeth: "Really, did we?"
Susannah: "Yeah."

Elizabeth: "I don't think I did too well through CSI."
Susannah: "You handed off the remote control before the first commercial break. Hahaha."
Elizabeth: "Yeah, you know that is the sign."
Susannah: "DIE! DIE! DIE! ...I just couldn't kill it, so the cockroach has two smushed legs and is on his back doing this [lays on back, wiggling arms around]"
Elizabeth: "Just smoosh it."
Susannah: "I can't. So I'll just let is suffer."
Elizabeth: "That's much better."
Susannah: "I can't kill him, I can only maim him."
Justina: "What is it about you? They watch you fold pajamas and men throw their phone numbers at you!"
Susannah: "Yeah, I draw in the freaks."

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