Saturday, May 12, 2007

"When I do a project I give 199% of myself!"

Every situation I'm placed in reveals something about me. For example: George. I was waiting for my first paycheck when George's brakes went crazy. I absolutely did not want to ask anyone to pay the bill for new brakes. However, I could definitely not afford it. I couldn't handle it emotionally so I shoved the problem to the back of my mind, letting it hang out in the lounge I've built back there for all my problems. You know...TV, deep-fried love; I know how to keep them occupied when they aren't making me weep into my pillow.

Elizabeth told me to grab my credit card, get in the car, and that we were going to get the brakes fixed that minute. Aaaaaah. Necessary? Yes. But I deal with things through avoidance!

Afterward she asked if I felt relieved. I could not honestly say I was. Absolutely freaked out? Sure. I'm just not a just-deal-with-the-issue person. I avoid, I procrastinate. It doesn't make things any less stressful, but at least then I don't have to deal with things, haha. Oh my.

Now that I have my tax refund and can actually begin to pay off the credit card that dealt with the problem of George's brakes I can begin to be relieved.

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