Saturday, April 07, 2007

"The pirate jokes will be prevalent."

I am SO EXCITED for this weekend. Do I have big plans? Nope, but that is exactly my reason. I've been on autopilot this entire week. Just going through the motions, waiting for the week to end.
I was asked "Are you OK?" so many times each day, hahaha. I am OK, it has just been a loooong week, and I need a few days to myself. :)

It started with Sunday afternoon, while I was blowing up balloons (for my moms bday party lunch) and one of them popped and hit my right eyeball. I have never had an eye pain like that before, and I hope to never have it again. I wore a band-aid eye patch all night, Arrrrrrrrrrgh! My eye was still aching the next morning, when I woke up sick at 3 a.m. After throwing up twice I finally fell back to sleep near 6 a.m.
On Friday and Monday every time I tried to talk to Irma she was distracted and ignoring and told me, "I have a lot to do, so I have to stay focused." so I just stopped trying. Apparently that created some crazy drama in the office that I wasn't expecting. We haven't spoken all week, which is fine with me. No big deal, whatever. But apparently I'm this big jerk who hates everyone; at least thats the gossip. Oh heavens.
After a microdermabrasion on Thursday I was asked, "So, Susannah, do you just have cystic acne?" by the same girl who recommending the cover up makeup created for birthmarks and tattoos. What the?! I replied, "Ummm, No. These are scars I haven't seen since 9th grade." Only a person with absolutely flawless skin all their life would ever say something like that. Have you ever had a microdermabrasion? It brings out ANY FLAW in your skin. I nearly saw freckles, though I've never had facial freckles in my life.

I have a job interview on Monday. That one phone call tonight alleviated a lot of the stress that I had all week. I'm not sure whats gonna happen in the coming weeks, but thats OK.
I want to go home to Orem next week for a few days. I just need a BREAK. I need to hang out with my family and see my friends. I don't know when I'll be able to go up there this summer otherwise.

Twice this week MyExBoyfriend and I left the office at the same time (completely coincidental, honestly) and were both going in the same direction, so we were driving side by side for about five minutes both days. It made me laugh.

This morning I planned a date for myself and ordered pizza online to be delivered to me an hour after I got home from work. Hahahaha. (Don't worry, Mom, I budgeted it...under "groceries", haha) I became thoroughly embarassed at having a pizza delivered to me, just for me. So I turned on a bunch of lights in my house and turned on music (laughing so hard the entire time) so I seemed a bit more like a hostess whose party guests are delayed in their arrival rather than a goofy chick whose night plans included lying in bed all night while watching Casino Royale and Stranger Than Fiction. I ended up falling asleep at about 7:30 and woke up near 1 a.m., unable to fall back to sleep. (That would be why I'm hanging around here at 3 in the blasted morning.)

I took Caroline and Emma Kate to see Meet The Robinsons: 3D last week. It was so fun. We stopped by McDonalds on the way there, but Miss Emma Katie was very adamant that she did not want to sneak her McNuggets into the theater. She asked, "Auntie, you are not supposed to sneak it in, right? So I don't want to. I'll just eat them in the car right now." It was so cute, but made me feel slightly guilty. Only slightly, as I realized the girls would still want popcorn and soda and all that...they'll get all my money either way.

Emma Katie, Susannah, and Caroline rocking the 3D glasses

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