Sunday, March 25, 2007

"I respond to emails verbally." -Irma

The line between fantasy and reality gets blurred a bit in this time of online communication. I was never a person who wrote letters to celebrities, but I've morphed into one because it no longer involves paper and stamps and handlers and assistants reading and template replies.

I occasionally see something on TV that I want to comment on. Now a quick line or two via email is fast and gets directly to the person for which it is intended. And each one has replied.

Among others, I've received emails from George Duran, Angela from "The Office", Bob Harper, Amy from Biggest Loser, and most recently the extremely awesome Jodie Prenger from Biggest Loser UK; the only woman to win any Biggest Loser season. (See her win the show)

I have this picture of Jodie on my wall in front of my treadmill next to a few of my own "before" shots. She is so dang gorgeous and gets me past the wall of burning thighs and collapsing lungs.

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