Sunday, March 11, 2007


Happy birthday, Rico!

Today is my brother, Richard's birthday.

Richard and my Dad

Richard is hilarious, these are two of my favorite IMs with him:

Susannah: Caroline bruised her tailbone so I kept asking her "how did you break your butt?" haha
Richard: ha ha.
Richard: trying to explain why they call it a tailbone was hilarious.
Richard: my kids were laughing.
Susannah: Have you explained the rare 3rd nipple yet? That one had me chuckling for days.
Richard: nope.
Richard: Did you know you can grow one on you leg?
Susannah: Hahaha. Misplaced nipples? Great band name.
Richard: they can be grown in a line extending from your legs up to you neck.
Richard: anywhere on that line.
Susannah: That's probably not something you'd want to bring up on the first date
Richard: most of them are just pink skin at that point.
Richard: "Want to see my thigh nipple?"
Susannah: Hahaha.
Susannah: Gives a whole new twist on BYU-I's no shorts rule
Richard: short shorts might show your nipples
Susannah: haha, indeed
Susannah: What if you had a tail and a thigh nipple?
Richard: and man boobs.
Richard: and a cleft lip??
Susannah: And a growth on your neck that contains a tooth and a spinal column--yes, it is your twin.
Richard: Wow... that is a picture I can't scrape from my brain!
Richard: Wouldn't it be fun if you had a conjoined twin that sat on you shoulder that would randomly insult people?
Richard: I'll start working on the screenplay.
Susannah: Like the Knights Who Say Ni
Richard: Ni.
Susannah: icky icky icky patang zooboing na na...
Susannah: Ni!


Rico: McPhee is a bulimia chick!
Rico: yo.
Susie: That's what I heard, yo.
Rico: nibble nibble... blech!
Rico: I wonder what she binges on...
Rico: Doritos?
Rico: hot dogs?
Rico: Nerf footballs?
Susie: Well those would be my binges of choice
Susie: I hear Nerf is part of the new food pyramid
Rico: I think I'd binge on really cheap bean burritos.
Rico: Just so it would taste good coming back up.
Susie: [I want to] meet my very skinny new boyfriend, Benji.
Rico: nice.
Rico: I wonder how it would feel to be named after a TV dog.
Rico: I would be Rin Tin Tin
Rico: It sounds gansta
Rico: Alison... Orem UT?
Rico: In a bustier?
Rico: blech.
Susie: Yeah, Allison went to Timpanogos High
Rico: skank.
Rico: JK
Susie: Hahaha
Rico: Why the bustier?
Rico: She like showing off her A cups?
Susie: Flaunt 'em if you got 'em
Rico: I'd go braless.
Susie: You perv
Rico: I'm comfortable with my manboobs
Susie: It takes a lot to get to that point, and I commend you.
Rico: *Years* of therapy.
Rico: I'm just barely accepting my areolas.
Susie: Baby steps
Rico: lol
Rico: l8r.
Susie: cya gangsta
Rico: Rin Tin Tin to you.
Rico: out. g.

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