Friday, February 23, 2007

"Go to your special place" -Dove Chocolate wrapper

For the twenty-seventh time this year, I have a cold.

Note: It is difficult to eat cereal while breathing through your mouth.

Being sick makes me feel so blah that I find myself in a ponytail and stretchy pants. Which in turn creates a more intense blahness. Something needs to be done! Today I looked like I was rifling through the racks at Savers on a 50% Off Saturday Sale, rather than going into the office to start my workday. So I changed out of my black stretchy pants, orange too-tight shirt, oops,-I-shrunk-it sweater, and Hawaiian flip flops and into my maroon polka dot blouse, grey pencil skirt and orange high heels then scrunched my ponytail with mousse (hello, I completely forgot I have a perm. Time to take advantage of it!) then added a white silk flower to my ponytail and threw on some mascara -- all while driving to work (without crashing my car.) I've got skills, man. (I also have way too much random stuff in my car, apparently.)

On Wednesday I accompanied my acquaintance, Candice, to her appointment for a facial. Her estheticians name is Lauren. It was interesting to watch, I nearly fell asleep, hahaha.

An hour later, when she was done, Lauren asked if I'd like one as well, because she didn't have any appointments coming in after that. Hello, of course I would! As she was setting up her station another esthetician, named Heidi, came in. Oh my heavens, hilarious! Lauren asked how I would describe my skin. I'm not so good with pop quizes so I was a little flustered as I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind, "Combination." Heidi said, "Don't lie, you know you meant oily." Hahaha. She was joking, I pleaded, "No, I swear that's my moisturizer!" Heidi laughed and threw her arm around my shoulder. Lauren came over with the tiny towel piece the clients wrap around themselves. She tried to direct me to a place where I could change into the strip of fabric, so I asked if I could please stay in my clothing. Heidi chimed in, "NO!" (haha) Lauren said, "Umm, yeah, but then I won't be able to do the [some fancy name] massage." I said to go massage free was just fine with me.

I laid on the little bed and noticed I am a bit taller than the usual clientele, apparently, as my feet went off the edge. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as Lauren wrapped my hair in a towel and began rubbing a makeup remover lotion over my face. Rub on, wipe off. Rub on, wipe off. I had about five different things rubbed on and wiped off as well as hot steam pouring from the arm of a giant machine next to my little bed. I got over the whole ticklish factor much quicker than I thought I would. Heaven, I'm the most ticklish person I know.

I had watched Lauren pick at Candice's zits with ferver and attack the blackheads on her nose with a pair of Qtips, so I was emotionally prepared when she started to poke around. Lauren pulled down the giant lighted magnifying glass that protruded from one of the arms of the giant machine. She stared at my skin for a while, gently tugging to look into crevices. After a few moments Lauren said, "Your skin looks pretty great, and there isn't much of anything here on your nose." ROCK ON, ROCK THE FREAK ON. I attempted to conceal my delight and mumbled, "Oh, well that's good news." Hahaha. No Qtips came near me!

At one point Lauren left the hot steam blowing on my face as she rubbed an oily something on my hands and arms and placed them in a heated mitt for about twenty minutes, then rubbed the oil on them again and massaged my hands. *drool* I was nearly asleep. Divine. (Note: much different than the skinny 20-something Asian guy who creepily rubbed my hands when doing my manicure a few weeks ago.)

Near the end she did this funky pressure point massage where she slowly moved the pads of her fingertips around my face, then paused on a spot for a moment. It was odd when I watched it on Candice but it was awesome to feel. As she slowly circled my eye sockets with her fingertips it was very difficult to keep myself awake.

I loved it, and am pretty sure I have a new expense I have to add to the budget now. ;)


Melissa: "What did you do on your cruise? People drink, and I know you don't drink, so what did you do?"
Jayar: "Ate."
Melissa: "Did you gain anything?"
Jayar: "Yeah, I gained five pounds."
Melissa: "In a WEEK?! What the?"
Susannah: "Apparently Melissa has never lived through Christmas."

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Tashina said...

sweet. i've always wanted to get a facial. i guess that's something to take from my list of "things I will 'do'" to my list of "things I will do" sometime this year. i need a manicure. my nails grow in so nicely and then something happens where i have to cut them all. right now i have fabric dye in my cuticles and underneath my fingnails, and i can't scrub at them anymore because they're all cut up and sore now.
no one's allowed to touch my eyebrows anymore because they never do a good job of it. ever. i've never had someone shape my eyebrows as nicely as i have myself. so pluck them i do. i want to get my hairline threaded though, i have baby hair that goes almost halfway down my forehead. and no one's allowed to touch my feet. i'm ticklish, and i kick involuntarily when they're touched.

you inspire me susannah.