Saturday, February 24, 2007

An evening with the girls

Care is 8, but she talks like she is 18; she cracks me up!

Caroline: "Who is that?"
Susannah: "[Edited]'s sisters."
Caroline: "They're fat."
Susannah: "Hey!"
Caroline: "I said they are, not you."
Susannah: "That's mean."
Caroline: "They are fat."
Susannah: "I'm gonna smack you."
Caroline: "My uncle said that my Auntie Meridith is an alien."
Caroline: "I only have three nicknames."
Susannah: "That's not true. I call you many things."
Caroline: "Yeah, Care, CareCare, Line, Linee, Sweetheart..."
Susannah: "Baby Doll, Sweet Thing, Little Miss Caroline..."
Emma: "You also call her Gross-O."
Susannah: "No, I call her Disgust-O."
Caroline: "HEY!"
Caroline: "I was talking to myself in the bathroom and Emma laughed so hard snot flew out her nose."
Susannah: "Umm, eww."
Caroline: "I was on the Play Place and this little kid walked up and bit me and walked away."
Susannah: "He just bit you and walked away?"
Caroline: "Yeah. On the stomach."
Susannah: "Did you kick him?"
Caroline: "No, hahahaha!"
Susannah: "I would have. You shouldn't, but I would have."
Caroline: "Hahahaha."
Susannah: "Did you ask him if he had Rabies?"
Caroline: "Hahaha, no."
Emma: "If he had BABIES?! HAHAHAHAHA!"
Caroline: "No, Emma."
Caroline: "Who does Honeyman like?"
Susannah: "I don't know."
Caroline: "He has to like a girl."
Susannah: "I don't know who, sweetheart."
Caroline: "You are just embarassed because you don't have a boyfriend yet."
Susannah: "Go to bed."

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