Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Certainty of death, small chance of sucess, what are we waiting for?" -Gimli

Since my first time with Fellowship of the Ring I had been a Legolas girl. I can't even count how many times Meridith and I rewound, "He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, you owe him your allegiance." (Mer likes Merry and Pippin best and we rewound those bits quite a few times as well. She can give you info all about Billy Boyd and his Glasgow-ness.)

This weekend I rewatched the entire trilogy (it makes a LOT more sense back to back), and now it's official--I totally love Aragorn (Lego who?) I enjoy the dark and mysterious Strider, but it's when he finally takes command that he is completely rawr.
I cheered when Lord Elrond handed Arogorn the newly reforged sword. ('Cause when your roommate is out of town and you are spending all your free time alone watching 10+ hours of one movie, you get do to nerdy things like cheer for the characters on the screen.) Also when Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli jumped from the ship and charged the orcs with the army of dead. Swoon. Haha, oh man, I'm a total dork. I also cheered out loud when the elves, led by Galadriel's right hand...uh...elf, joined the fight at Helm's Deep. And I screamed at my television when that elf was killed.

Susannah: "I mean, I like the second one but I just like the third one better. The battle at Helms Deep is cool but I like the fighting with the oliphants at ...Minas Tirith.
Jayar: "Haha, what was that?"
Susannah: "It's written on my hand, hahaha."
Jayar: "I like the third one, but there is one thing that almost ruins the entire thing for me."
Susie: "Ruins the entire third one, or all of them?
Jayar: "Well, the third is the completion of all of them, so it almost ruins all of them. If it weren't for this one thing I would like it. It just nearly ruins everything"
Susie: "Haha, ok, what is it?"
Jayar: "The ghosts."
Susie: "HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love that part!"
Jayar: "They have no chance against them."
Susie: "You're sympathizing for the orcs?"
Jayar: "Ha, I guess so. I mean, nothing can kill them!"
Susie: "You would feel better if there were a way to fight them?"
Jayar: "Yeah,
Susie: "But in the mountain when the king of the dead brought his sword against Aragorn he was able to defend with his sword."
Jayar: "The point was that just that one sword could."
Susie: "I'm saying he's got a weakness. You wanted a weakness."
Jayar: "Haha, that ONE PERSON, haha."
Susie: "Hahaha, hey, a weakness is a weakness."
Jayar: "It just doesn't make sense."
Susie: "OH HEAVENS, it's like Elizabeth not liking Anakin and Obi Wan's battle on the lava because it is 'so unrealistic'! Like the rest of the movie is?"

Also: I find Frodo just plain annoying. I should probably read the books.

Tonight Caroline was dancing around the house singing, "USB, fun for you and me, Auntie Susie is nerdy." I can't deny it.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Oh girl... you are SO speaking my language!!!

Get this - you really DO need to read the books... Haldir (the elf who died at Helms Deep) NEVER DIED!!! Infact, the elves were never at Helms Deep at all... they just added that for theatrics. :S

I love those parts of Aragorn too... I LOVE it when he charges into battle... if you don't mind me borrowing it, may I please say, "Me-ow!!!"

Love me some Aragorn!!! (He IS the King of men, after all! ;) LOL)

Do you watch the extended version? You really should if you haven't... there is a lot more info in the extra scenes... might help the movies make more sense if you haven't read the books.

Great books, great flicks!!!

Susannah said...

Ha, I knew if anyone would comment it would be you, Sariah!

I haven't seen the extended versions, but its on my To Do list. I belive my little sister has seen them and she explains some things to me (like the leaf brooches the Fellowship wear.)


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Yeah, I couldn't resist. lol

Definitely see the extended versions. They are even better!

I've done a marathon with the extended versions twice. It does become quite long... but once in awhile, it's fun to do! :)

Ooh, also all of the commentaries and documentaries are really interesting. :)

Like... Aragorn (okay, really it's loved the horse he worked with so much that he bought it. :)

And when Aragorn kicks the helmet at the site where all the orks were killed and burned and they thought Merry and Pippin were dead too... He screams and drops to his knees... That was because when he kicked the helmet, he broke his toe!!!

Okay... anyways... watch them. ;)