Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well, rawr

Tonight an aquaintance of mine told me that when I start talking fast she can't understand me. Her friend clarified "it's just that when you talk fast you tend to mumble." Being the submissive little thing that I usually am, I would have just taken it and continued on my way. But it bothered me. Why does it matter to her whether or not I speak fast? I'm not speaking directly to her anyway. And I may get a bit mumbly, but its far more coherent than her slow as molasses speaking. So I offhandedly said, "That's OK, when you speak I lose interest with your slow thought process anyway and stop listening." (When I was really thinking "When you try to speak I want to smack you upside the head and yell 'SPIT IT OUT!'")

Her reply? "Well, rawr." Are you kidding me? I haven't been Well, rawr'ed in YEARS. (Though I've said it to my sisters more recently than that, haha) And her friend said, "Can you just forget that you were an auctioneer in a previous life."

Aaaah! If I didn't have to be around these people on a semi-regular basis I would definitely choose to avoid them.


Meridith said...

Now you know why it's a sensitive subject for me...

Susannah said...

But let's be honest, you do mumble. A lot. I love your mumblings. (your phone is another story. that makes me laugh, but makes conversations difficult.)

I don't mumble! ok, a bit. But not enough to warrant mentioning it. Especially in a big room of people all paying attention to this particular conversation.

Laura said...


Best reply ever!

Also, I get accused of speaking too quietly and people get really mean about it. But that might be because after a while I just refuse to repeat myself.

Tashina said...

I mumble, and sometimes I slur. I don't remember if you mumble, maybe it's because I mumble too that I can understand if you are mumbling?
I hate repeating myself. Usually I'll say something and if someone says "What?" I'll just say "Nevermind."