Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today I learned...

* Today I learned...the pillow is mightier than the alarm.
* Today I learned...I really need to buy a whole new wardrobe.
* Today I learned...linen is a delicate fabric and doesn't take abuse well.
* Today I learned...regardless of the outfit I think orange high heels compliment.
* Today I learned...to not talk smack about the new waiter, occasionally he will get my order right.
* Today I learned...the sight of MyEx's car in the parking lot still gets me pumped.
* Today I learned...you should not wear lace underwear if you just got a tattoo on your hip, the fabric will intertwine with the healing flesh, not allowing it to scab properly. (not personal experience)
* Today I learned...you can buy synthetic urine for drug testing for $60 for a 2-pack. (or so I hear)
* Today I learned...it comes with a small heating pad to mimic body temperature. (gross)
* Today I learned...I [heart] Carol Burnett
* Today I learned...I can do wickedly awesome makeup for random photos, yet I somehow still leave in the mornings looking completely blah.
* Today I learned...My TV will only work when it's plugged in. Gosh, needy little thing!
* Today I learned... unlike previous conclusions, I do not actually dislike my smile.
* Today I learned...I am pretty delighted that I do not dislike the slope of my nose anymore.
* Today I learned...I need a social life, hahaha.
* Today I learned...my roommate likes to make toast at 1:30 a.m.

Today I learned...I really like my new haircolor.


Meridith said...

Why must you be so gorgeous?

Susannah said...

I ask myself that every day about you. Gosh.

Michelle said...

WoW. You are hot stuff Sus!