Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"This whole line of questioning is immaterial, irrelevant, and imcompetent!" Perr-Dawg

I am sick. Sickie sickie sick.

Everyone I am around on a daily basis got a cold sometime in December. I was quite full of myself and proud of my immunity. Really everyone I see got sick.

I felt perfectly fine all the way up until yesterday morning.

Last night I felt only so-so, but I thought a lot of that was from breathing in some lovely bleach fumes while highlighting Angie's hair. (which turned out well, I'll upload the pictures later)

This morning my entire head was staging a mutiny against my body! I have been completely cloudy brained, dizzy, and frog voiced all day long.

I am putting in some good R&R time on my couch. I have nearly gone through my entire set of Perry Mason DVDs (I've got half of disc 4 and 5 left), and have a new found respect for Della Street and pantyhose.

Mom: "Have a hot glass of Tang and get in bed. Do you have Tang?"
Sus: "No, but I have hot chocolate!"
Mom "...Not quite the same."

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