Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stuff a what?

On Saturday I went with Elizabeth, Deborah, Caroline, and Emma Kate to Build-A-Bear. What a slightly frightening creation. Genius, really. Amazing marketing. My little nieces have been wanting to build one of those freaky bears FOR-EV-VER!(think The Sandlot) Their Uncle Justin (Jayar's bro) gave them each a gift card for Christmas.

Emma Kate chose an orange cat while Caroline chose a red Valentines Day teddy bear. They each got a sound (Em a "meow" and Care an "I love you") and their animals got stuffed and got a heart placed in them and were stitched.
Emmie dressed hers in a denim skirt and a Hello Kitty! shirt; Caroline dressed her bear in a red dress and matching red sparkly shoes. They each chose a purse for their animals.

A male Build A Bear employee dressed the animals, which was an odd sight. Three women and two small girls standing there watching this guy dress some stuffed animals.

Emma Kate named her cat ANNAH and Caroline named her bear SUSANNAH. (hehehe)

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