Sunday, January 07, 2007

My goodness!

No matter what crazy things those boys do (white paint smeared all over the tile floor, carpet, and couch; all the ornaments taken off the bottom half of my [still up] Christmas tree; etc) I just can't get annoyed with them.

While washing the paint off their hands and shirts I asked Luke if he and Hyrum were being good boys or naughty boys, he proclaimed, "Naughty!" then he yelled "Oh my heck!" and Hyrum yelled, "My goodness!" Then Luke said, "I'm sowwy, The Coolest Auntie Evah!" and threw his arms around my neck then he turned to Hyrum and coached "Hywum, say 'sowwy Coolest Auntie Evah.'" Then they both started laughing hard.

They just turned two-years-old a few months ago!!

They are so darling that a few times I told them "Stop laughing and making me laugh. I am supposed to be angry and you are supposed to be sad!" They replied with their "Oh my heck!"s and "My goodness!"s (That being my reaction when I walked in the room to see the paint everywhere, hahaha.)


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Oh my heck! I think they must be right, you must be the coolest auntie ever! ... My goodness! lol

Tashina said...


Hehehehe, awwwwwww. Those two are adorable together. I would have been so angry right up until they said "Oh my heck!" and "My goodness!" Then I would have laughed too. Kids. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.