Monday, January 29, 2007

sitting like a mindless clone/wishing he would tap my phone/just to hear the breath of the man, the myth, the monotone

In high school, whenever I fell asleep in class my teacher would ask if I was trying to soak up the information in my book by laying on it. ("You trying to prove a new osmosis?") I would smirk and reply that yes I was, and that it was working.

I wish that would work with everything, because I just slept through two hours of work out videos.

Good intentions, man. I only had the blanket with me because I was freezing. I only sat down to go through the videos and pick one. Right when I hit Play I zonked. I woke up to Billy Blanks yelling "Count it out!" and some blonde with freakishly defined abs screaming numbers at me. I quickly faded again.
When I woke up again the screen was displaying the menu. Oops. Good intentions again...I put in the next DVD in the series. I don't remember pushing play. I woke up to Billy doing crunches and remember thinking, "Oh, perfect, I'm already lying down." Hahaha.

A few minutes later I woke up again and put in Sleepless in Seattle. (how ironic) I only made it a few scenes before zonking again. I regained conciousness during the final "Are you Annie?" and decided to finally just turn off my TV and crawl in my bed. (But then I remembered The Apprentice was on, then a new Crossing Jordan, then a rerun of CSI:Miami, and I'll probably be up all night now even though I'm exhausted.)

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