Sunday, January 28, 2007

"How can I control my life when I can't control my hair?" ~Author Unknown

I am at a scary place in my life right now. Scary in that it directly affects the rest of my life. I don't feel ready for adulthood. Wasn't I just turning 12?
I stand on the verge of my career. Am I sure I know what I'm doing? Is this really where I want to be? Oh heavens, it is daunting. I have so many interest that have such a vast range, is settling on the one right now a good choice?

I love science, I love law, I love so many things. But...I want to be a hairdresser. But I hate what that means to people. A few months ago I heard a few seasoned stylists say they had "hairdressers disease", meaning they had horrible spelling. That comment bothered me.
I'm not brilliant, but I am in no way an idiot. I strive to be intelligent and articulate, while keeping my goofiness. I hate the stereotype automatically assigned to those wanting a career in hair.

This is all freaking me out. I'm just not sure if I can do it, or if I can fit in. I don't have the same style as a lot of stylists in Las Vegas. I have a classic sense of style. I don't like asymmetrical haircuts, extreme colors, or goth. I love a Marilyn Monroe style. I love brunette hair curled in rollers. I don't like leggings or off the shoulder drop-waist sweater dresses. I love a well-made pair of boot cut or wide leg, wide cuff grey trousers and a blouse with a classic pointed toe shoe. To me an updo isn't spikes and backcombing, I love barrel curls!

(Spealing of barrel curls--last week I did this: front, kinda side, back, kinda side, side. I get to try out a few things on Irma next week, because she wants me to do this to her hair for her wedding in July. NO PRESSURE THERE.)

Basically I'm just really nervous about it all because I've been focusing on the big picture rather than daily tasks.

I want to:
* find a job as a receptionist at a salon or spa
* go through 2 years of beauty school
* graduate from beauty school
* pass my state board exam
* get my cosmetology license
* start at a nice salon, build a clientele
* draw up a complete business plan
* gather investors/get a small business loan/convince my daddy to go into business with me
* build in a nice, high traffic area
* hire a lawyer, financial person, manager, receptionist, seven stylists, two nail technicians, two estheticians, and two massage therapists.
* open "Susannah's Salon & Day Spa" the fall of 2011
* open the second location the fall of 2016
* retire completely spring of 2035, at the age of 50

Irma says I need to chill out and just work on the "now" stuff. I tried. I ended up sketching a floor plan.


Anonymous said...

How the crap did you do that??? It's gorgeous!

-Leah, Sniderite since 1997

Susannah said...

Oh, thank you! How I did it:

(This was on pretty long hair)
I sectioned off a chunk in the front so I could give her some sweeping bangs. I pinned these out of my way.

I sectioned of a tiny triangle of hair in the center, right off the bangs [fringe, whatever] line, and slightly twisted it, so it would hold in place. I slid a bobby pin in against the grain, if you will. I repeated this with another small triangle of hair, twisting the opposite direction. I took smaller portions on the sides, twisting the same direction as it's coordinating top piece. Three on each side and two on top. Each twist angled toward a center point.

When those were all secured I sectioned off a small piece at the top and backcombed the roots, giving it lift and securing it in place. I turned it over two fingers, letting the ends flow out of one side of my newly created loop. I pinned it into the backcombed ["teased"] area from both sides. I held the loose ends in my right hand, and wrapped them around two left fingers in the opposite direction as the previous loop. I did this until I tucked the ends in a final loop, always pinning from both sides.

I continued this along the hairline, looping toward the face. Then I moved toward the center. (This is my favorite part! SO much hair to work with, lots of curls to form.)

As I neared the bottom I released the bangs I'd pinned away. I backcombed the underlayers, to create lift and security. I smoothed the bangs out, guiding them along the forehead, wrapping over the ear.

I pinned them against the back of the head until I worked my way down with the loops. As I neared the bottom I began to encorporate the bangs into my loops. Which completely covered any evidence of pinning them back.

It's that simple! :D

I did it while watching The 'Burbs, so while it took me nearly two hours to complete the time seemed to fly by.