Friday, January 12, 2007

I really need a social life

My dreams are so messed up. I need to stop watching CSI and Perry Mason before bed.

I was brought to the morgue to identify my grandpa's body (who died in 1980.) The morgue was dark and cold and like an old warehouse. There were metal tables everywhere, covered in tin foil-esque coverings, like leftovers from a large dinner party.

I was led to a table in the corner where the coroner had removed the covering exposing a mummified torso, mid-autopsy, lying near a decapitated head. I ID'ed the body as best I could, having only seen a handful of photos of my grandfather. But it turned out to not be him, but rather a homeless woman.

HAHAHA, what?!

Later I was driving down a street in a strange car with some people I had met only hours earlier when suddenly there were dead cats and dogs all over the road. We passed a church and there were people lying in the parking lot, bleeding. Ambulances were pulling in, trying to save the people.

I was sure it was some form of biological warfare, but the authorities told the media that a tidal wave had washed the bodies of the people and the animals out of a nearby cemetary

(remember that CSI:Miami episode in season 3 entitled "Crime Wave" where that happened, except Corbin Allred's character [remember how Corbin was on CSI {Vegas} in the 2nd season in an episode entitled "Altar Boys" playing a completely different character...and remember how I am so nerdy that I didn't have to look up any of that information, and I am using all my brain space for this stuff.] snuck a body into the cemetary that wasn't actually supposed to be there? Yeah, that was a weird episode.)

I tried to correct them and say the people were bloodied and dying, there is no way they were washed up corpses! I was quickly silenced by the government.

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Meridith said...

How freaky. They are those dreams where I wake up in a cold sweat and realize that I haven't moved a muscle for hours. oo....yeah, not my favorite.