Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I never thought I could be so underhanded/somehow I've cornered the market on the double standard -duncan sheik

Do you ever have a day where you just feel kicked in the head? And by no action of others. Just the inability to focus on one thing enough for it to make any sense, I guess.

I am working on a project at work that I think is awesome. It will be a great asset, once it is fully functioning. But the steps I have to take until it reaches that point is messing me up. It seems the more I research it and the more I think I have it figured out the more I run into roadblocks and the more I have questions pop up.

I can not wrap my mind around how this stupid thing is going to work correctly.

I get to a point where I think I've got the OK to move on to my next big step only to find out I have to get this and that approved, and not only are they not ready to be approved they are not even created yet! And I don't know where to start on that!

I love the idea of this project, that's not it. I love the whole idea behind marketing businesses. I love what I'm doing. I just can't do this right now. I have been reading the same paragraph for the past twenty minutes and it still doesn't make sense. And the more I look for answers to my questions the more I write new questions on my paper.

It's like a 10,000 piece puzzle and I'm starting somewhere off-center and trying to put those pieces together with edge pieces and getting frustrated when there is not a fit.

...but MyBoyfriendMike,TheBuildingManager is standing just outside my window. And he is the reincarnation of The Nextel Boyfriend. (Ah The Nextel Boyfriend, those were good times.) So I'm pretty sure I'll make it until 5. ;)

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