Wednesday, June 07, 2006

people say I should just leave it be/leave it up to destiny/but that ain't for me -duncan sheik

Because I get to work earlier than most of the people in the building, I am used to the halls being deserted. This morning I was a few minutes behind Irma, so she was already in the office by the time I walked in the building.

As I began up our hall I saw Irma coming around the corner down at the end of the hall. I wolfwhistled and said, "So hows it going?" ...and I heard, "Hey, how are you?" next to me. Uhhhh...Hello MyBoyfriendMike, TheBuildingManager. Oops. He was in the hall to my left, and hadn't seen Irma. He thought I'd whistled at him. Hahaha, oops. I muttered some sort of, "Oh, hey Mike." and then started to talk to Irma again.

Hahahaha. Oh my. I've turned into the Odd Tenant Who Is Always Trying To Flirt, time to take an alternate route through the halls.

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