Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Are you aware that Mom plans on everyone going on a hike? [My Last Name]s on a hike. What is this? The Biggest Loser 3?" -Me to my brother

Every third summer my family goes on a trip to Hawaii. We are suckers for tradition. We will patronize the same restauraunts and museums merely out of tradition. Who cares if noone really liked it to begin with. We did it once, we do it every time.
(sing with me: "Traditioooooon, tradition......TRADITION!")

This year is a third summer. However, instead of packing to fly out to Oahu, Hawaii tomorrow for a week, I am throwing some clothes and some soda in a bag to drive up to St. George, Utah for the weekend.

I am calling it St. Maui '06


It is interesting being a younger member of a large family. I know nothing different personally, but I have obviously seen different.

I didn't really 'grow up', per se, with my older siblings. My oldest brother, Aaron, is 13 years older than me, therefore he will be 35 this year as I am about to turn 22. I was only 6-years-old when he left on his mission and only 8 & a 1/2 when he was married. I only have faint memories of him at home. Elizabeth is 10 years older than me, and I was just over 11 when she was married. Richard was married two days before my 13th birthday.
So they never really knew me much when I was younger.

I hear about people not getting along with their family members, falling outs (fallings out?), etc. and it's such a foreign concept to me. I love hanging out with my family. I have quite possibly the most fun siblings EVER.

Mom: if you can get her telling stories she will get to a point where she can't speak anymore because she is purple in the face with laughter. Silent laughter, where her shoulders shake and her mouth is wide open. I love that.

Dad: he makes dumb puns that have the longest setups EVER. He'll just suddenly start talking about the most random things ever and it will end it some ridiculous play on words. Cracks me up.

A: he has a cynical humor that is so incredibly hilarious. Everyone is an open target to him. Especially Meridith's eating habits. (Hey, Mer, is that your 3rd plate of lasagna?!)

H: I have only hung out with her alone on a few occasions, but I think she is a blast. And the only person who can poke fun at Aaron without much of a comeback from him, haha.

E: Oh. My. Heavens. Very few things are more fun than hanging out with Liz. I can not listen to the theme song of CSI:NY without tearing up in laughter because of her ("Ou heea in da field/I bie mo my knee-o")

J: he tells stories in a way that you can tell he is really excited to get to the punchline-esque end. Hilarious!

R: from a distance you think he is the quiet one. So very mistaken. Instead Rico is one of the most hilarious people I know. ("Meow meow my tree, meow meow yours")

S: she's so fun. She has this laugh that is kind of like a loud giggle. Haha, I love it.

C: for about seventeen years I couldn't get past the cruelty to see how incredibly funny Clarke is. Now that he's mellowed and I've mellowed I am aware of it.

A: she's a blast! Oh my! I knew I'd like her the moment she ordered a Coke while out to lunch with all my sisters and mother.

D: one night she was pondering Superman's underwear-outside-the-clothes idea and became WonderBra Woman! Its the epitome of Deborah: hilarious, random, and slightly naughty.

A: Chiccchhhhhhken? (Hahahahaha) Aaron cracks me up, and is one of the few people who laughs at my under-my-breath jokes.

M: not many people in the family realize how incredibly funny Meridith is. I think it is because they don't pay attention to her. (Really, with this many people its hard to get attention in the first place) Mer constantly makes me chuckle.

yeah, i totally cut myself most of the way out... Who let me keep my thumb ring on? That looks hideous. I wanted to post a pic with all the spouses, but I just don't have one.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Okay, that is a CUTE pose! I love how you are all in one big hug, but we can still see everyone. (Except for you, lol.)

Meridith said...

I hope everyone made note of the comment, "because they don't pay any attention to her." Thanks, Sue, for paying attention. :)