Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How to make Susannah angry, 100 people surveyed, top 5 answers on the board...number one answer--survey says:

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Fine her $137 in overdraft fees in ONE MORNING

Dear Wells Fargo,

I hate you. A lot.



This is what happened:
My memory failed me a bit, as I forgot one transaction in my mental account balance. Therefore I was a bit over during the weekend, without realizing it. Why didn't I realize it? Because my debit card worked just fine. Not rejected one blasted time.

I checked my online statement late last night (near 11), noticing that I still had a high balance. Many things were still "pending" and some hadn't even posted yet. Wonderful. My paycheck was being autodeposited in merely ONE HOUR, so I thought all was well in my financial world.

I checked online this morning, to see how much my check had turned out to be only to see that I had FOUR overdraft fees and a "continuous overdraft charge" OH. MY. HEAVENS.
So it turned out that every single little thing went through moments before my check went through, charging me $137 in overdraft fees.

I do understand that I went over a bit, I realize that. However, what I do NOT understand is why in the world does my financial institution let my card be accepted when I do not, indeed, have the funds?! Rejecting a card is not a new concept!
Also, its not like my autodeposited check just BAM shows up, they know about it! It happens on a consistent basis! Why in the world do you see that this person has hundreds of dollars being wired to her account the very moment these charges are going to happen, and yet she gets charged ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN DOLLARS!!!

So I called their stupid number (I often revert to namecalling when angry) and after a lot of lame hold music I was put through to some 16-year-old girl reading from a script.

Oh I do not think so!

She went rambling off about why they charge overdraft fees, blah blah blah. Yeah, K, got that. What I do not get is why in the world I was allowed to continue using the card only to turn around and get charged $137 for it. I asked her if I could just be charged the ONE fee, she said no because "you are charged an overdraft fee everytime your account is overdrawn" OK, PUT DOWN YOUR FREAKING SCRIPT AND TRANSFER ME TO SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME!!!

She offered to set me up with overdraft protection for a monthly fee. Gag me. That is not what I need, I need you to give me back my money!!! I have bills to pay, you freak!

I told her I'd call back.

I am absolutely ticked off and am far too shy and passive agressive to actually get someone to do something about it.

...As soon as my outstanding checks go through I am closing my account. I don't want to deal with them and their ditsy script pushing 16-year-olds.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

I'm sorry! That sucks!!!

I hate banks! I'm a credit union snob and proud of it. As a credit union member, you aren't a customer, you are a share holder. When you make a deposit, they call it a share purchase (it's still your money though). Far fewer fees, much better member service, better rates, etc. Love, love LOVE credit unions! So, when you close your account, consider opening one at a credit union.

(I used to work at Wells Fargo *hangs head in shame*. I only worked there for a few months, then I went to work at the credit union where I had my accounts at. I LOVED working at the credit union! But ugh, I hate Wells!!!)

Travis Butterfield said...

I'll tell you why they didn't reject your card - because they couldn't make 137 dollars on you in overdraft fees if they rejected your card. That's their gravy train. Of course they're not going to reject your card. The only cards that get rejected are maxed out credit cards - not debit cards (unless they're reeeeaaaaalllly overdrawn).

p.s. I'm sorry this happened to you. I'd kick Wells in the shins if I knew where he was.

Audrey said...

I second the motion to open an account with a credit union. So. much. better!

Good luck, Sus.