Monday, May 15, 2006

My dad's name is Oscar

Susannah: "I'm totally spoiling you, aren't I?"
Caroline: "That's OK, you like to."
Susannah: "That's true...[cheesy voice] I only spoil those I love."
Caroline: "So you would spoil George Duran?" (BWA HA HA HA HA HA)
Susannah: "Did someone sell a truck to your dad named Oscar?"
Jayar: "My dad's name is Oscar."
Susannah: "No it's not, shut up."
Jayar: "My dad named Oscar? A truck named Oscar..."
Susannah: "No, did a dude named Oscar sell a truck to your dad? Or did you sell a truck to Oscars dad? Or did you sell a truck to a dudes dad named Oscar?"
Jayar: "Where is this coming from?"
Susannah: "Some guy named Oscar is in the front office, and he's trying to remember who he is here to see."
[while looking at a business card]
Susannah: "If you had a bright red face do you think that you would do something about that before getting the picture taken?"
Jayar: "You mean the sunburn?"
Susannah: "Yeah."
Jayar: "With the bright red backround?"
Susannah: "Yeah. And the red hair and goatee."
Jayar: "Huh."
Susannah: "Do you think he was going for the monochromatic look?"
Jayar: "It's kind of embarassing that we brought our own cooler of soda to dinner."
Susannah: "More embarassing is the 4 cans that were consumed on the drive over here."
Deborah: "How do you carve a chicken?"
Susannah: "Well I usually wait until the second date."
(after a family dinner of cheese butter grits, collared greens with bacon, biscuits, and greasy chicken)
Deborah: "I have peanut butter ice cream or Butterfinger ice cream to go with the brownies. Oh, and I forgot about the carmel popcorn."
Susannah: "If I ever break 300 lbs I'm blaming you."
Elizabeth: "Because we opened your mouth made you eat it?"
Susannah: "Yes. Just at G. Dubya caused Hurrican Katrina and is single handedly raising gas prices, you made me eat it."
Jayar: "Oh, i have a pain-in-the-butt pain!"
Elizabeth: "I wasn't going to say he'd make a great lover because we have the same favorite JellyBelly!"
Susannah: "You can disassemble anything if you put your mind to it."
Jayar: "Is you is, or is you ain't my constituents? ConstituWHAT? Constituents!"
Jayar: "Thats Gonzalez with a opposed to anything else."
Susannah: "Schmonzalez?"
Jayar: "Yeah."
Susannah: "The Q is silent."
Jayar: "Gonzalez with a F."
Susannah: "Gonzalez with a CAPITAL G."
Jayar: "Gonzalez with a capital Gon, then zalez."
Susannah: "How do you spell his name?"
Jayar: "J-U-P-I-T-E-R"
Susannah: "His name is Jupiter?!"
Jayar: "Yeah, hahaha."
Susannah: "That's...haha! ...Well, your name is Jayar, so nevermind. Hahaha."
Susannah: "I'm kind of a grammar and punctuation nerd."
Jayar, singing: "Comma comma comma comma comma chameleon!"

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