Monday, May 15, 2006

They are driving me absolutely crazy.

The room across the hall is where most of the people on our team work. However, today it is locked. Why is it locked? I don't know. But I have told each and every single one of them to just go to Mike's office and ask him to open it. Mike is the landlord dude of the building. He is just down the freaking hall. And yet, no one has done this. Instead, they have all come into my office. I am trying to put together a file and they sit here chatting with eachother and occasionally talking to me. LEAVE! You lazy, lazy people!!! Just go ask the dude to unlock it for you!!!
They are driving me batty because they don't know how to do a dang thing. I am trying to work here. Trying to get this whole file done before I go to lunch. And yet, I have to answer stupid questions. And if Connie turns off my printer ONE MORE TIME I think I will have no choice but to smack her.

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