Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Insulated, of course

DADDY: Hi Susie
Susie: Hey, whats up? :-)
DADDY: Just workin'.
DADDY: I choosing stuff for my annual CD
Susie: hey, ditto!
DADDY: Oh, you doing a CD too?
Susie: haha
Susie: well duh
Susie: Susannah sings the hits
Susie: and by ‘the hits’ I mean the hits of 1972 by a one hit wonder band.
DADDY: Johnnie and the Wonder Squirrels?
Susie: Uh...the Wonder Squirrels were more of a three-hit wonder
DADDY: No kiddin'?
DADDY: Have you seen Akeelah and the Bee yet?
Susie: Nope
Susie: I haven’t seen much in the theater except for “The Wild”
DADDY: It is the best movie I have seen this year, including MI:III
Susie: You told me; I'm still not sure I believe you, however.
Susie: Did you fall asleep in every other movie this year? ;-)
DADDY: My little brother is takin' me to see Da Vinci Code on Friday. His buddy rented out an enire theater—Thanksgiving Point, no less.
Susie: I have a date for that
Susie: and her name is Elizabeth
DADDY: Lester Bett?
DADDY: Where did you meet him?
Susie: Liz is getting a babysitter and we're going out to dinner and the movie on Friday, then I'm sleeping over
Susie: 'Cause Jayar will be at Fathers and Sons
DADDY: Opportunist, eh?
Susie: we try
DADDY: We can compare notes on Saturday.
Susie: have you read the book yet?
DADDY: Only about five chapters.
DADDY: Teeny chapters.
Susie: I'm trying to finish it again by Friday, to refresh my memory
DADDY: Good idea...maybe I'll put in some midnight hours too.
Susie: technically there is only one Midnight hour...so you'd better read fast.
DADDY: Maybe just the cover.
Susie: Hahaha
DADDY: Maybe some "midnight" type hours...how's that?
Susie: Ooo, guess what!
Susie: I bought a new Bubba Keg 52 ouncer
Susie: It's PINK
Susie: well, salmon
DADDY: Hey, I thought I already bought you a Bubba Keg 52 ouncer - pink.
DADDY: Or was that purple?
Susie: yeah, purple.
Susie: I need options, Daddy, options!
DADDY: Well then...congratulations. You deserve it. I am still loving my green one.
Susie: the purple one's handle was starting to break...I hold it while screwing on the lid, oops
DADDY: Lately I have been using my 64 oz Chevron model. It works at Texaco too. They both honor the club price thing...then I get to free refills after ten.
Susie: Rock on!
DADDY: It's pretty cool.
Susie: I have a Chevron next door, I have a punch card but its only good for a free 32 ouncer after the 10
Susie: and a 32 ouncer is just a little too small to warrant getting it.
DADDY: and 64 is getting on the unwieldy side...but not much. 100 oz is definately on the unwieldy side. 'bout breaks your arm off.
Susie: I'd need a long straw
DADDY: Try surgical tubing. That way you can leave your mug in the car when you go to work.
Susie: I like 64 ouncers better than 52; but that is more an Obssessive Compulsive thing based on the numbers alone.
Susie: bwa ha ha
Susie: tubing running down the hall...
DADDY: then you can decorate the tubing too...makes quite a decorative fashion statement.
Susie: I'll have to make little signs asking people not to step on it--might disrupt the flow!
DADDY: If you get wide guage, you suck up the ice cubes too.
Susie: ewwwww
DADDY: Hey...that would be great in the movies too. You can just drag in your tubing. Attached to a 55 gallon drum in the back of the truck.
DADDY: Insulated, of course.
Susie: hahahaha.
Susie: of course
Susie: it'd have to be discreet, as to not alarm those who are against contraband
DADDY: Just get tubing to match the theater carpeting.
Susie: hahaha
DADDY: It's acually quite simple.
Susie: glue bits of popcorn to it
DADDY: Now THAT is sheer inspiration. There you go again.

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