Thursday, April 20, 2017


So... I'm pregnant.

I wasn't going to test because you get your hopes up, even when you tell yourself not to. Even if you decide you're going to test just to show yourself you're not pregnant, and you can stop questioning things.

I tested April 6th and it was negative. I texted a picture of it to my husband and to my sisters, because boooooooo.
I tested April 7th and there was a faint something.
I tested April 8th and there was a definite second line.
I tested April 11th and there was a dark second line, which appeared quickly.
I was tested April 11th at a clinic, and was told it is indeed positive.

Holy crap. I'm pregnant.


The first several days I had such a low heavy feeling. Like when you're on a roller coaster and it's going uphill quickly? That pressure pushing down on you. But just in my lower abdomen.

Then light nausea and slight dizziness. AND SO MUCH BLOATING. I'M ABOUT 3.5 MY USUAL SIZE. SO MUCH BLAAAAAAHHHHH.


I told Derrick, and he is, ya know, pleased with the idea of having a family, it has always been his life plan, but this soon was not quite what he'd hoped for. The money, or lack thereof, is worrisome.

Actually, I walked into the office where Derrick was playing World of Warcraft, turned on the light and chatted with him, asked how the game was going, etc. Then I casually mentioned that I'm pregnant. He was kind of like, "Hmm, oh really?" nonchalantly. Then he wanted to see the test, then questioned the validity of the lines. hahahaha

I have an ultrasound in a little under two weeks, so we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed that all goes well. As of right now I'm due 12/13, that may change after the ultrasound.

We've talked baby names since before we got engaged. He likes names that are short and ugly, haha. I like names that are long and classic. Compromise has been an interesting thing. We now have names for either a boy or girl, but I'm sure it'll be a fluid decision until we sign the paperwork.

As of right now, we call it Señor. (Because for the past few months we were growing a green onion in our kitchen, as one does. And we named it Señor Chive, as one does.)

(Wedding ring in the picture as proof it is mine. Plus I like my wedding ring, it is pretty.)

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