Sunday, May 04, 2014

'Sup, my nibling?

I colored my hair a copper brown.

I really like the color, but now that it has been almost two months, there is a line of demarcation and my silver stress highlights are shining bright. And it is time to recolor it, but ughhhhhhh...I just don't want to go through the hassle. It takes forever and is messy and I have to clean it before (because of the mousse, hairspray, thickening goo, random crap I throw in to make it look like I have more than 25 hairs) as well as wash out the color.


I'm laying in bed, watching House on Netflix. There was a loud knock on my bedroom door, followed by "Auntie?" When I called out in response, sweet Hyrum came in and climbed onto my bed with me. He was followed quickly by Ezra and then Noah. I switched from House to Say Yes to the Dress.

We grabbed my iPad and took goofy pictures together, then Hy left my room.

Hi from Noah. Auntie Susie: "How do you spell Nonie?" Ezra: "N-O-A-H!" Auntie Susie: "How do you spell Nonie Noes?" Noah: "i."

Susie: Ez, what would you want to tell yourself in five years?
Ezra: I don't know.
When you're 12, what will you be doing?
Be in young mens.
What will you do in young mens?
I don't know what I do.
What else will you do in your life when you're 12?
I don't know.
What about when you're 16?
I will be able to drive.
Are you excited about that?
Noah: Only Mom and Dad drive!
Do you think you're going to be a good driver?
What makes a driver good?
I don't know.
Noah: Drive!
Ez: Can we talk about other things?
Like what?
Like you.
Noah: Church!
What would you like me to tell you? What questions should I answer?
That you're a good aunt.
What makes an aunt good?
That they're fun.
What else?
I don't know.
What makes me fun?
That you let us watch tv with you.
What's your favorite thing to watch with me?
Phineas and Ferb.
Did you know that you can date when you're 16?
Yeah, I think so.
What kind of girl would you want to date?
I don't know.
Do you like girls right now?
I don't know. No. Did you write I don't know?
What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite food?
Chicken tenders, oatmeal, steel-cut oats, hot cereal. Is this 'a few more questions' yet? I think my mom and dad are looking for me...

I love my boys. They are the best. I am a lucky auntie to have 23 fantastic niblings.

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