Sunday, October 13, 2013

Child wrestling

Ok, confession time:

I put children in a headlock when their parents aren't watching.

I do many children's haircuts weekly. Dozens. Usually they go pretty okay, kind of wiggly. But occasionally the child is way too dang uncontrollable that I have to do something more aggressive: I have held a child's head against my chest while I pulled my clippers across the top.

My coworkers popped their heads out of the backroom and asked if I was okay, haha.

Why did I have to use my entire upper body to restrain the child? Oh that would be because his mother LEFT THE SALON. She put her 5-year-old in my chair, gave me some directions and DROVE AWAY TO DO SOME ERRANDS.

A few months ago a woman put her toddler on a blanket with some toys before sitting at my station. As she sat down she said to me, "Keep an eye on her."


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