Monday, September 03, 2012

"I just broke a toilet seat, so I'm feeling kinda fat today."

Unlike every time I've dieted, I am not trying to just stay under X amount of calories. I am trying to just eat well and be active. (While making sure I get up to X amount of calories.)

Because I am trying to pay attention to what I put in my body I decided to track a few things. I would like to build muscle, so I started tracking my protein intake. I have come to the conclusion that my pickiness toward food stops me from getting enough protein.
I don't like beans, I don't like nuts, I don't drink milk and I often go days without meat. (I don't dislike meat except ground beef. I just don't care enough about it, I don't crave it. I could be a vegetarian just because I don't think about meat, haha.) Yeah, protein is in a lot of other things, but not a lot of it.

I do better with something once I'm obsessed with it (this does not apply to my social life with men, unfortunately).

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