Thursday, March 01, 2012

You can't scalp anybody unless you do a war dance first!

So, uh, I got strep throat.
For almost 11 days my throat was so sore I was threatening to cut it out. I could survive without a throat, right? At least a good chunk of it. I could slice it right out, no problem.

When it is excruciatingly painful to swallow you are very particular about what you try to eat. Every bite is well thought out. You don't waste a bite on something gross.

This got me thinking about what foods I dislike. The food-like items that make me shudder just typing their names:

green / red / yellow bell peppers
canned string beans
lemon juice / zest
peanut butter sandwiches
cooked tomatoes
tomato soup
tomatoes by themselves (cherry tomatoes)
ground beef (hamburgers / meatballs / meatloaf)
thick cuts of chicken
white chocolate
egg yolk
almonds / pecans / walnuts / etc
beans (black / pinto / lima / kidney / etc)
pico de gallo
meat on the bone
chili (that whole ground beef, tomatoes, and beans thing. Blech!)
soggy bread (bread pudding / breakfast casserole)
Cool Whip / whipped cream / whipped dessert
proscuitto / limp bacon
octopus, oysters and other strange seafood
dried cherries
cherry-flavored things
goat cheese
gorgonzola cheese
bleu cheese
feta cheese
swiss cheese
hard cookies (biscotti)
olives other than black
pumpkin pie
rice pudding
barbecue sauce

Ugh. I just gagged a little.

I showed my list to my little sister. Meridith laughed at me. :/

Is there anything you DO like?!
 Um, yeah. His name is my boyfriend the potato. 

I like some foods that most people don't enjoy. I love brussels sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower and yellow squash.

...this may be why I have such a difficult time at restaurants in foreign countries. I hate not knowing what the menu says. I hate so many ingredients and I want to know that they will not be in my food.

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Rachel said...

You should try the stuffed baked potato at Juniper Take Out in Logan next time you decide to go north. Of course you'd have to ask them to leave off the mushrooms but it's the best baked potato I've ever had! It's a good thing it's a 2 hour drive to get one or I might be eating them more often :)