Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!

Tonight I took my 4-year-old nephew, Ezra, on his first Auntie Date.

Deborah dropped us off at the Ice Cream place, where Ez-Dawg got a little bit (and "just a little bit more...a liiiiiiittle bit more") of vanilla ice cream and Auntie concocted an egg nog/chocolate/butter pecan mixture.

After Ez couldn't finish the rest of his ice cream (told you so, E) we put our coats back on and headed across the parking lot to the movie theater.
We bought our tickets to The Muppets and headed over to the concession stand. E doesn't like candy, he doesn't really like sweet stuff (vanilla ice cream notwithstanding) so he was not tempted by the kettle corn in the same fashion as his chunko auntie.
So we both had our own popcorn: one kettle corn, one gross regular. I asked Ez-Dawg over and over if he wanted a drink, maybe a water bottle? He declined. So halfway through the movie he asked me for his drink. Uh...want mine? So the little dude tried, and liked, Vitamin Water Zero (Rise flavor).

Poor guy wasn't expecting all those "commercials" at the beginning. He kept leaning over to ask, "This the Muppets?" "Nope, little dude, this is a commercial for a different movie." "Oh." ... "This the Muppets?"

E seemed to enjoy the movie. It took a minute for him to get into it (me too, actually). About halfway Ez said loudly, "Umm, Auntie Susie, I'm done with this movie." Hahaha. I told him it wasn't quite over, he seemed appeased with that and sat back.
The little guy laughed so hard during the "Am I a Man or a Muppet?" song. Cracked him right up. So cute.

After the movie E-Z and I refilled the good popcorn and took pictures in the photobooth.

Then his mom picked us up.
A successful date.

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