Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"You" is a very fluid concept right now.

I am not good at being a girl.


I can't slow dance because I try to lead.
I don't cuddle; I can't cuddle...I don't know how to cuddle. Hahaha.

I am used to my nieces snuggling up with me, I'm used to my nephews climbing on me, I'm used my sisters sitting on me and putting their legs on me. I am not typically the one to cuddle up to someone. I am the pillow, I am the comforter, I don't know how to be anything else.

I need girl lessons.

Cele puts her legs on me, links her arm in mine, puts her head on my shoulder. Can you imagine the contortions on the couch I have to do to get myself short enough to put my head on Cele's shoulder?! Bwahaha, I tried it, I had to be like 3/4ths off the couch.

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