Sunday, April 17, 2011


The "That can be my next tweet!" site entertains me. It entertains me a lot. It generates tweets for you by pulling words/phrases from current tweets.

Some of my favorites have been:

Just a trim. Really short... but maybe not bootyshorts.
A U2 concert is like prosthetic athletes foot. -Danny going to church.
Dad: Don't do that little Bens. Possible awkward situation is like a year...and a bit.
Lady turned into my work schedule. Lady turned into an entire haircut.
Sliced a ton off a huge purse. Ok? I usually excel at. Ugh. *achoo!* Am three hours early. Boo, hiss.
Oh Christopher Plummer, Robert Preston and my dream today. Just say you wanted it except my Netflix.
Hahaha, he was on a temper tantrum. Seriously. Oh how you and not the salon. You're awesome!
 Sus: Thats when you'll meet the nearby burger place the day. Danny: Susannah, I haven't eaten since 6th!
 I don't know if there is the Super Mario Bros like that short, skinny, whiny look if you are suffering? 
Chris: I've saved $730 so its horrible! ...he looked fine, btw. Its horrible, I wish we kept the lowest!
 No idea. Absolutely no way I'd spend money on Bones. No idea. Absolutely no guys over.

A truer prediction could not be made:

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Ben said...

I made the cut! Woohoo! :P