Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Review: 2010

I've sucked at keeping up-to-date, I know. Usually for my review I can peruse my posts, however this year I had to use Twitter and FB. Sheesh.

Super long and image-heavy. Thats a warning.


* Needed a change. So, uh, I dyed my bangs pink.
* Bought my new camera, A Canon Powershot SD1200. Awwwww, it was love at first sight.
* Went to a pirate-themed restaurant for my friends birthday party. It was hilariously fun.
* Dropped a 400+ degree curling iron on my d├ęcolletage. Ouch.
* Went to Erin's birthday party in downtown SLC. So fun!

* Met Ben Lyons and took Ryan's picture with Paris Hilton in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.
* Went on a road trip to Las Vegas with Ryan. Got to spend time with my sisters family!!!
I miss being with these girls every day. :(


* Transferred from the Sandy location to the Provo salon, saving me a lot of gas money.

* Worked my behind off on the treadmill, lost 17.5 lbs during February.

* Got to watch my darling little niece be blessed. Oh Madilyn, SO CUTE!


* Juggled both salons, loving the tips in Sandy but hating the drive.

* Hosted many movie nights with friends.

* Dreamed I pulled big leaves of cabbage and broccoli stalks out of a wound in my abdomen. (Time to lay off the veggies?)

* Did my own taxes for the first time.

* Went to a ward activity during which we had a pinewood derby (which we won with Chris's recycled car)
Our St. Peepentine's Day Massacre cake
* My big sisters came to town!!! Yay! Got to play with my nieces.


* Listened to old reel-to-reel tapes of my parents in the late 1960s. Couldn't help crying when I heard my Grandpa's voice for the very first time.

* Grandma dreamed I married a man named Philmino. She suggested I look in the phonebook...

* Got really sick. Was probably a cold, but I claimed Swine Flu, because come on, its a funny name.

* Celebrated my little nieces 1st birthday. Oh Grace, you crack me up.
* Went on my first business trip! :D (Well, first for my business.) Flew to Las Vegas to go to a beauty convention. Got to spend time with my big sister and her family.

* Spent the day with Elizabeth, Richard, and Deborah's families in Mesquite and St. George.

* Met Nick Arrojo at the hair show.


* I worked at the salon a lot and worked out a lot. My jawline made an appearance for a little while there.

* Got very into looking up genealogy. Found some funny stuff like a distant cousin named Utahnah.

* Hosted a fondue party, which turned out well and was so fun!

* Flew to Las Vegas to for a week as FauxMama while my sister and brother-in-law went to NYC. I went to school programs, assemblies, and preschool graduations.
* We did a lot of shopping.
* We went swimming at Ashley's house.
* We celebrated the last day of school with root beer floats.
5-year-old, Luke: "Emma and me weren't alive when Caroline was a baby. Was Jesus still not done making us?"
Luke trying to understand texts: "Uh, so does the paper envelope fly through the universe then come back to the world?"

* I made the most perfect chocolate chip cookie EVER.

* After my siblings got back in town I went out with Ashley and Annyong.
* Went on vacation with my entire family


* We played in the ocean
* Visited the Mormon Battalion Museum
* Went to Sea World
...went on rollercoasters
...and sat in the Splash Zone during the Shamu show
* Played on the beach
* Got sunburned
* Went to a Padres v. Mets game all together
I sat by my big brother, Aaron (We are very look-alike-ish in this pic.)
(Got even more sunburned. Ouch.)

* Went swimming all together.
* Went to museums and had silly fun with my nieces and nephews
* Went to dinner as an entire family. All 32 of us.
* Drove back to Orem with Meridith and Ben.

* Played with my nieces while my parents, Meridith, Ben, Aliesha, and Clarke were in the Philipines on a random vacation.

* Participated in my wards Summer SuperActivity

went boating

was Ginger Spice in a lip sync


* Got locked out of the house for 3 hours.

* Worked a lot.

* Ran around in the rain during a sudden intense rainstorm, got totally soaked. So dang fun.

* Watched a few neighbor kids walking down the street dressed as cowboy, a hippie, SpongeBob SquarePants and a watermelon slice. Pure awesome.

* Suddenly had no cell phone for a few weeks. Felt so nekkid.

* Had a fun evening with Rachel and Katrina. Went to the Planetarium and the Cheesecake Factory, was sung to for an early bday celebration.
* Worked a lot.

* Had a shared birthday party with Celeste.

* Turned 26-years-old.


* Had a crazy dream wherein I was chased through a museum, tried to get my familys attention during an orchestra concert, and found a death threat on my car...which wasn't my car.

* Used some needle-nose pliers...then they used me. Accidentally ripped my finger open and pulled off flesh on the pad of my finger with the wire-stripper part of the pliers. (The picture is a day or two later, partially healed...its hard to see the part of the flesh that was only torn back, not ripped off.)

* Woke up with a slightly painful hip. Looked in the mirror and noticed a deep-set impression of my remote control in my hip flesh. Fell over laughing. Really.

* Brought my lil niece Caroline to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in concert with Rachel and her sister.

* Sat on the porch with Deborah, Aaron and Caroline until after midnight to watch the meteor shower. It was really fun.

* Stayed up until 2 a.m. with Caroline to continue watching the meteor shower. We laid out blankets on the SportCourt and pointed out each falling star. So fun!

* Went to Lagoon with my singles ward and Elizabeth, Jayar, Suzanne, Richard and their families.
It poured for the first hour or two. Plastic bag ponchos are the great equalizer.
Then the weather became PERFECT!

Got kicked off a ride because the restraint wouldn't close over my huge chest. Oy vey.

* Had a family reunion with my siblings, aunts, uncles, and a handful of cousins for my Grandma's birthday.

* Went to the home of a family friend (old neighbor of my grandparents) where is housed a ginormous collection of random old stuff. Oh how I loved it.

* Got to play with my siblings!!!

* Got a new drivers license. It is a horrible picture. I look drunk.
[picture unavailable]

* Took my car, George V Dubya, in to be fixed. Being car-less is no fun.

* Bought a hydraulic chair for my home salon. :D :D :D

* Played SuperMario Bros for Wii for the first time. Nostalgic and lovely. I would really really like to own it.


* Went to the Storytelling Festival with some friends. Fun to be with friends, but bo-ring storytelling.

* Got completely out of credit card debt! Now the only money I owe is to my parents.

* Went on a roadtrip! St George! with Amy, Aubrey, Rachel, Danny, Chris, Kevin, Celeste, Brittany and Hannah. (Aaron couldn't go with us, he was replaced with a Big Hunk bar.)

* Met a Little Person. Suggested he has many Halloween costume options (R2D2) because oh my gosh, I have no tact.

* Badly cut my finger up in two places. Because I'm just that good. Bled through 7 Band-Aids.

* Went to the Beauty & the Beast sing-a-long with Brittany. Did her hair for her Belle costume. :)

* Saw Hanson in concert in SLC with Aaron! Had so much fun.


* Gave myself full bangs.

* Had a lot of explosions in my dreams, huge fireballs; like my brain was being directed by Michael Bay.

* Made it through my first corporate review. Was so nervous, but it turned out OK.

* Went to Las Vegas to surprise Caroline on her birthday. Was a lot of fun.

* Worked a lot.

* Had a lot of movie nights with friends. Fell asleep during a movie then apparently said, "I'm tired like a candle...but just the top, just the wick part."

* Got George back!!!

* Helped plan/set up/host the ward Halloween party. Dressed kind of like Ursula the Sea Witch...but a toned down version.


* Worked a lot.

* Took advantage of my new Netflix account by watching entire seasons of several shows including Lie To Me, The IT Crowd, Bones, NewsRadio and others.

* Went clothes shopping with my manager and salon owner to get an outfit for the fashion show I'd been asked to model in. Lesson learned: JC Penny and Khol's are not places for a girl with any sort of curve to her if she has any sense of fashion.

* Went to the Harry Potter midnight showing with a bunch of friends. So fun.

* Received notice for prospective jury duty! Huzzah!

* Introduced Ghostbusters to some friends, none of whom enjoyed it. Crazy, crazy children.

* Thanksgiving happened. I invited Kevin to join us as he had nowhere to celebrate. Went to the movies with a bunch of siblings and nieces and nephews. Fun, fun.


* Was offered a promotion to be Assistant Manager of the salon. (Accepted, but the higher-ups have to watch my numbers until January before I can get the job.)

...And that has been my year so far.


Rachel said...

Love it! Yes, I read the whole thing...thanks for helping me laugh and stay awake on a boring day at work. I keep thinking I should blog about my year and haven't taken the time to do it yet. I might steal some of your ideas as you posted things I had forgoten about. Thanks for sharing!

Brittany said...

Wow, that is a pretty awesome year. And I was glad to see how many times I got to be part of your awesome year!