Monday, November 08, 2010

As long as he needs me

I'm watching Oliver! on Netflix.

This is one of the movies I grew up watching but never quite understood. I never actually had the attention span to watch the entire thing; I mostly just skipped around to my favorite songs.
FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! What wouldn't we give for that extra bit more--thats all that we live for. Why should we be fated to do nothing but brood on food, magical food, wonderful food, marvelous food, heavenly food, glooooooorrrriiiiooooouuuuuus food!
Oliver reminds me of my little nephew, Hyrum. So cute and sweet with that baby face and that voice. Oh goodness, I miss that kid. I don't get to see him until Christmas. :(

Hahaha, Bill Sikes is pulling treasures out of his shirt, it reminds me of yesterday: I was leaving the house with my hands full of a huge salad bowl as well as three bags of rolls for Break The Fast and I was trying to hold a stick of butter as well. I shoved it in my shirt. Like always. My mother proclaimed, "No! Take it out! It doesn't go there!" I told her it is where I put everything, it is my extra hand/extra pocket, "it is where everything goes." She replied, "Not butter." Hahaha, I love it.

Erin sent a text inviting me to a fireside viewing/game night at her house. I was going to hang around my house because Meridith was over. After Aaron's calling to tell me I should come to Erin's, Ben's nasty stories of placenta lasagna and other placenta recipes, and my mother wanting me to listen to a talk about finding a mate, oh gosh...I left for Erin's house.
Chris brought Bang (which I learned to play last week) but Erin had Balderdash and I so rarely get to play Balderdash, so I requested we play that. I love Balderdash because of my brothers. I have hilarious siblings so every game of Balderdash turns into us all laughing until tears are streaming.


Ah dang, its time for my other favorite song. This song slays me. SLAYS  ME!

Nancy stays with Bill because she loves him and is convinced he loves her, too, despite beating her and being a complete jerk. So she sings this horrible, horrible song about how she will stay with him as long as he needs her. NO, NO, NO, NANCY!!! He is going to KILL YOU! He is going to KILL YOU! You will be DEAD before the final credits roll!!!
Oh, Nancy.

I love this song so very much.
As long as  he needs me,
I know where I must be;
I'll cling on steadfastly
As long as he needs me.

As long as life is long,
I'll love him right or wrong,
And somehow, I'll be strong
As long as he needs me.

If you are lonely
Then you will know
When someone needs you,
You love them so.

I won't betray his trust,
Though people say I must.
I've got to stay true just
As long as he needs me.

uh...yeah... I hate this movie.


Rachel said...

LOl! You are too funny...want me to hold your butter? haha

Deborah said...

Yeah. That movie is slightly freaky. It's like, Nancy GET A CLUE!!! He will BLUDGEN you!

And I never totally got those movies either until...recently. Just last week I watched Parent Trap and was like. "Whoa! So THAT is what that meant! Dang, this movie is funny!."