Friday, July 02, 2010

A love letter:

My first best friend was a boy named Jared. After he decided I was no longer cool to hang out with (we were about 9), I didn't have many male friends until middle of Junior High. But since then, the past 15 years or so, sheesh.

This, folks, is a love letter to my guyfriends.

I'm not good at love letters, so I'll just give it a shot.

Dear guys,
You freaking rock.
Smooches, but not really, 'cause we're platonic and whatnot,

No good? Dang. I'll try again.

Dear Sirs,
You make me laugh. You get my jokes far more often than anyone else. You are quick to tell me I'm awesome when I'm making a complete dork out of myself. You will accompany me to stupid events merely because I asked (or gently manipulated, whatevs.) You get excited when I want to cook for you, which  makes me want to cook for you more often. You are far more likely to enjoy the nerdier things I enjoy. Having some of you trained to follow up conversations about other people with "but not as cool as you, Sus." is just about the funniest/coolest thing ever. Most of you are very chivalrous and make me actually feel girly (believe me, with my height and linebacker shoulders it is hard to feel girly ever.) I was never a hugger until I became friends with you guys who are huggers. Despite my insanity and complete dorkiness I have dozens of wonderful, awesome, sweet, fantastic, [in some instances incredibly attractive] men who enjoy hanging out with me. The real me. The spazzy, loud mouth me.

If it were up to me I would have several of my guys around me at all times. For entertainment, ego boosts, and general frivolity.

I love my guys so so much,
p.s., I know that as you get married off we can't be the same. Thats ok. I'm learning to deal with it.   ::sob::

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