Monday, January 18, 2010

we all fought in that epic war and it wasn't long at all before little hotshot flew his plane and saved the day

I don't really want to sound like just a complainer but all I want to say to anyone today is OUCH!!!

A few days ago I was curling the back of my hair and I somehow lost my grip and dropped a professional iron, on the highest setting (400+ degrees) on my chest. Ummm, OUCH!!!
It hurt a lot the first day, just like any other burn would.
The second day it was OK... big and red and stung if you touched it, but OK.
The third day it started to heal and I couldn't even reach across my body to fasten my seatbelt without my entire body erupting in pain.
Its now dry and scabbed and all that fun... and HOLY CRAP, it hurts.

...and while I was walking down the sidewalk today I slipped on the snow and fell, scraping up my knee, top of my foot, and my toes. :'(  and they hurt, but they didn't bleed for very long, which is nice.

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Amy said...

OUCH! That looks painful. You can complain all you want about that one.