Thursday, May 07, 2009

"I'm not going to ask you if you just said what I think you just said because I know it's what you just said."

Recently The Honeyman was shocked to hear me say I wanted to ride my bike somewhere. He said he only knows me to suggest we chill and watch a movie, hahaha, and never anything active or outdoorsy. I told him there is a lot he doesn't know about me, apparently.

Last week a friend was looking for someone to cut and color her hair. Uh...hello? We've known each other since jr. high or the beginning of high school, but I had to reintroduce myself to her as her new stylist, haha. She honestly had no idea that I hold two licenses in cosmetology. Uh...

There are so many DUH! things that my closes friends don't know about me?? Weird.
So that is what brought about this:

I honestly don't notice that I'm giggling until someone asks "Whats so funny?" Which is really embarrassing.

I have a sensitive gag reflex. Smells and sounds easily make me gag.

I feel like I should read interesting, moving books, but I don't enjoy them. Give me a murder mystery any day.

I once saw a CSI episode where someone was stabbed from behind while sitting in a movie theater. Since then I've been creeped out by anyone sitting behind me at the movies.

I keep my toothbrush near the sink because I won't think about it otherwise. (out of sight, out of mind)

I usually have good posture but because of people asking why I stick out my chest I have become more slouchy. (stick it out?! Why in the honk would I do that?! It sticks out far enough on its own, thanks.)

I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It brings up memories and anticipation of summer.

I can get lost anywhere. I think it is because I don't pay all that much attention to my surroundings.

I love the idea of going camping...I like sleeping in a tent, I like campfires. But I strongly dislike bugs and the lack of bathroom and shower and the like. And that usually kills it for me.

I get (gently) mocked for it, but I like my randomness when it comes to my movies. I love comedies of all sorts (Simon Pegg to Ben Stiller to Monty Python to Mel Brooks) but I also love musicals and action movies and sci-fi and chick flicks. p.s. I love movies.

I have almost fainted twice (the loss of limb control, sight going black, etc. everything but going unconscious) in the last few months and have a fear of completely fainting while alone in public.

I love going to baseball games. They're so relaxed and so chill, yet there is a lot of excitement.

I want to type the closed captioning for movies.

I've been told I look like Anna Nicole Smith, Melissa Peterman, and Anna Paquin.

Anna Paquin, Kirsten Johnston, and Jeri Ryan have always reminded me of me...not quite sure why. Maybe because they're kinda odd looking.

I like to have a movie/show playing while I'm doing other stuff. Especially now that I have access to the DVD player on my computer. Because of this I have watched nearly my entire movie collection in the last few weeks.

I love that I was raised to enjoy classical music as much as rock.

When the orchestral music swells I tear up. Ok, sometimes I totally cry.

If I am at home and not in pajamas I am most likely in a pink tank top and black booty shorts.

I can't alphabetize without quietly singing A B C D E F G...

Moths scare me just as much as bees and spiders do.

I like to sit near the movie screen. Third/fourth/fifth row... No one in my peripheral vision; just me and the movie.

I have 3 DVDs still in their shrinkwrap and I'm having a hard time bringing myself to open them. (I suppose thats because it would symbolize something different for each.)

I like to water color...but I always paint a rainbow. Every single time.

Sometimes my heart stops for a beat and then beats quickly. Can you say freakiest thing to ever happen?! It creeps me out. I'm pretty convinced I'm going to die when my heart just decides to not start up again.

I took beginning Japanese classes but all I can remember is Hi, my name is Susannah. Which is probably all I'll ever need to know in Japanese, really.

Because of my upbringing (my Grandma) I strongly dislike when people answer "Sure" to a yes or no question. Well do you or don't you? I'm not trying to convince you, I'm trying to get your opinion!

I'm more of a savory than sweet kind of gal (ok, potato gal. lets just say it.) But I could live on Nerds, Pixy Stix, and Smarties.

Knowing the caloric content has ruined some foods for me. I don't touch Pringles.

I am most comfortable when completely surrounded by pillows/blankets. Propped up by some, arms wrapped around some, legs thrown over some. ("I fill emotional voids with cotton batting.")

I have a rough time with characters who are good most of the time, but back-stabbers at another time. Lando Calrissian of Star Wars, Walter Skinner of the X-Files, etc. I want to like them when they're being the good guy, but I just can't.

I can easily put either foot to my forehead. But not both at the same time.

I have an unhealthy love of Nintendo.

I will do and say almost anything to make someone laugh. I make a complete dork out of myself for a chuckle.

I finish peoples sentences ALL THE TIME. I don't mean just happens. What I think they are trying to say just slips out before I can stop it. (Usually I'm right, but its hilarious when I am way off.)

I am a procrastinating slacker, and so well aware of it.

I am the sarcastic and mean sister. Eek. I wish I had Elizabeth's drive, Deborah's wit, and Meridith's sweetness.

I read the back of shampoo bottles. I've done that since I was really small...but now the ingredient list makes more sense.

In high school I started to write a novel about a murder mystery on the Titanic. It starred a foxy brunette British detective named Samantha and her mousy best friend Nigel. I CRACK ME UP.

I consider pajama pants and a nerdy graphic t-shirt an outfit. Especially on roadtrips.

Some of my favorite times happen while playing board/card games with siblings.

I love playing volleyball, but not the technical bump, set, spike kind. I love the get it, get it, its coming to you, oh wait I got it! kind of game.

I used to have an awesome overhand volleyball serve. Used to.

I jammed the middle finger on my right hand while playing volleyball in jr. high. It is noticeably crooked now.

I love the stars. Looking at them, learning about them, etc. I have a bit of a star obsession.

I am not dainty. I'm not into sweet, soft decor. I am brash. I like hot pink, things in the shape of lips, zebra print, Marilyn Monroe/James Dean/Elvis Presley things.

I love well-written banter. (James Bond movies are an excellent example.) A witty retort gets me chuckling every time.

I am kinda noisy at movies. Besides a lot of giggling, I "Oooooo" "sweet!" "ha ha!" "Aw yeah" and the like. Especially action sequences! I squeal, hahahaa. I'm like a 13-year-old boy during car chase scenes. Ok, and sometimes I clap out of excitement...but only soft doesn't-make-noise clapping.

I love getting new fonts. Oh! New fonts! Squeeeee!

I almost always write in cursive, and I love my handwriting. When I'm not writing in cursive I write in small caps...but thats a new thing for me.

I am scared of heights. Not so much the actual height, but what would happen if I fell from that height.

Sometimes I cheat at sudoku...but I get a better sense of fulfillment when I don't cheat. But I have to do those ones in pencil.

I do not enjoy football. I try, really I do. But it is just not something that interests me in the least.

I love reading. I love being so engrossed in a book that I take it with me when I leave the house.

I used to want to be a lawyer or an FBI agent. (the respective careers of my grandpa and uncle) But I'm ok with sticking with stylist for the time being.

I hate math. I have no patience for math.

I dislike barbecue sauce but love buffalo sauce.

Carol Burnett is amazing. Amazing.

I am incredibly ticklish. I really don't like being tickled...especially on weird places like the palms of my hands, they are so dang ticklish. Ugh.

I taught myself to write in mirror image so people sitting near me in class couldn't read the notes I was writing to friends.

My first few crushes were Perry Mason, Paul Drake, Captain Von Trapp, Harold Hill and Henry Higgins.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Okay, I LOVE this post! Very fun! :)

Dad said...

Susannah, happy to meet you.

Amy said...

I love your posts. The Honeyman suffers from hoof in mouth disease and it's okay for me to say that 'cause I am his sister and yeah he still doesn't really get me either.