Sunday, April 26, 2009

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I am very sore. I am sore from dancing in the kitchen like a dork by myself at 2 a.m.

Now there is a reason to get in better shape, if ever I heard one. (The being sore because of doing random high kicks while perusing the cupboards...not the mere fact that I tend to not stand still. Ever.)

Today I got on a Wii Fit board for the very first time ever. Lemme tell ya: I have great balance. This is something that may shock many people (ie: my sisters) as I have the tendency to be standing one moment and the next moment find myself on the floor. ...I fall down. A lot. Barefoot.

First I had to go through a process I love: creating a Wii Mii. Why do I love creating a small digital representation of myself? Because I give it huge lips and a beauty mark.
My niece Abigail was controlling the construction of my Mii. When we got to the section where you choose the height and girth of your little digital image Abby made it as tall as possible (appropriate) and turned my little Mii into a bean pole! She skinnied that thing right up! HAHAHAHAA. Sweet, but not necessary. I like my plumpnicity, thankyouverymuch, and would like my digiSus to reflect the time and Betos burritos it took to get these curves.
She moved the control bar the the far right. WAIT A MINUTE! She chunked mii up!
"Over, over, over, wait...the other way...over, over, over. Right there! That's perfect!" I had her settle the control bar about 75% to the fat side.

I'll tell you what: when you don't naturally stand with your toes pointing directly forward it can be more than a little difficult to get used to pigeon-toeing it to fit in the little Stand Here outlines. I got more of a workout just trying to keep that little machine recognizing my stance than skiing down the slope or headbutting soccer balls.

Note: Not the Mii that was made tonight. Very much like tonights Mii, but this gal lacks a beauty mark.


Amy said...

"Plumpnicity". I love it!

lisapants said...

Ha, I just got a Wii Fit a couple weeks ago. It's way fun.

Ashley said...

If you promise to come down and visit, I will add a beauty mark to your wii!!!! Just tell me where to put it!!! lol